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Turtle's Paradise quest completed.

The Turtle's Paradise sidequest is a sidequest in Final Fantasy VII. A bar named Turtle's Paradise in Wutai Village in has flyers posted all over the world. If the player reads all the flyers, and the notice outside the bar itself, and then talks to the person manning the bar in Wutai, they get a reward.

Close-ups of the flyers were included to the International version's special fourth disc that has a collection of various background items seen during the game.

The quest[edit | edit source]

First flyer[edit | edit source]

The first flyer.

The first flyer the player can find is in Midgar Slums on Sector 5. In the southeast house, the player can go upstairs and find the flyer on the wall. If the player forgoes reading the flyer until after going to Shinra Headquarters, they must obtain the Key to Midgar from Bone Village after they have the Highwind to return.

Second flyer[edit | edit source]

The second flyer.

The second flyer is on a notice board in the Shinra Headquarters lobby. It is easy to miss, and the player can also skip this area if they follow Tifa's advice to take the emergency stairs to the top. If the player missed it during the time the party storms the building to save Aeris, they can still visit the building optionally during the Raid on Midgar when the party is on a quest to stop Professor Hojo from launching the Sister Ray. When the party is navigating the train tunnels, they can keep going up till they find the Shinra Headquarters.

Third flyer[edit | edit source]

The third flyer.

The third flyer is on a wall outside the item shop in Gold Saucer's Ghost Square. It can be read any time, although the park will be closed if Cloud is not in the party.

Fourth flyer[edit | edit source]

The fourth flyer.

The fourth flyer is on a wall in Cosmo Canyon, Tiger Lily Weapons Shop. It can be read any time.

Fifth flyer[edit | edit source]

The fifth flyer.

The fifth flyer is in Cosmo Canyon's inn just outside the room. It can be read any time.

Sixth flyer[edit | edit source]

The sixth flyer.

The final flyer is in Yuffie's hideout in Wutai Village, downstairs pinned on a wall. The player can only visit the house as part of Yuffie's sidequest in Wutai, meaning the player needs to acquire her as a playable character and then visit the Wutai island to start the quest. After the quest the door to Yuffie's house remains open and the player can read the flyer at any time.

Reward[edit | edit source]

The reward for reading all the flyers and talking to the barkeep is thus:

Dummied flyer[edit | edit source]

The dungeon in Don Corneo's cellar in Wall Market was at some point during development intended as a location for a Turtle's Paradise flyer. The data for a flyer discovered there is marked flyer #2, but the text is the same as for the flyer #3, found in Gold Saucer.[1]

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