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The Turtapod is an enemy in Final Fantasy VIII. It is a small turtle that can defend itself, and also fly to attack.


Battle Edit

Turtapod can retreat to a defensive mode where it curls up to buffer itself against damage. Its attacks are weak and it is of no threat.

Strategy Edit

Junctioning Death to ST-Atk-J kills the Turtapod quickly, even if it is inside its shell.

The best-known Angelo Search trick involves this enemy: After Turtapod has retreated into its shell, the player can cast Confuse on it, and the Turtapod will never come out of its shell unless it's been hit first. The player can then leave the game on and let Rinoa's dog Angelo come and search again and again (there is no limit how many times the player can get Angelo Search in one battle, though getting her to appear many times takes time).

Triple Triad Edit

Turtapod Card
TTTurtapod Element None
Refine 5 refine into 1 Healing Mail
Drop Turtapod
Card Turtapod
Level 4 (Monster Card) Win N/A

Gallery Edit


Its Japanese name is Granatum, which is Latin for pomegranate. "Granatum" is the etymological root of "garnet", which may could link in with the red stone at Turtapod's core.

The name Turtapod likely comes from "turtle" (referencing the appearance of its lower section) and "pod" (referencing how its top half is a container for its core).