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This article is about the Final Fantasy VII boss. For the character, see Reno

Turks:Reno is a recurring boss in Final Fantasy VII, fought a maximum of four times during the course of the game. Only the first of these fights is mandatory. The player can choose to avoid the locations of the possible second and third battles, and can refuse to fight the fourth.

Reno is often accompanied by Turks:Rude, and at one point fights alongside Turks:Elena.

All of the Turks always retreat from battle when defeated; however, the player always receives some XP, AP and items for defeating them, and in all but one case, the combined amount for all Turk combatants.


First Battle - Sector 7

FFVII Electro-mag Rod

Reno uses Electro-Mag Rod

Cloud Strife, Barret Wallace, and Tifa Lockhart first encounter Reno on top of the Sector 7 Support Pillar. Reno is resistant to Lightning and immune to most status effects. His best attack is Electro-Mag Rod, which can temporarily stun a party member and can move the character's row position.

Reno's Pyramid renders a party member incapacitated and flags them defeated; if all party members are trapped in Pyramids, it is Game Over; having an unaffected member attack the Pyramid will break it. Fire and Ice are effective and tend to do twice as much damage as physical attacks. Reno is resistant to Bolt.

Turks:Reno will escape once his HP is depleted.

Second Battle - Gongaga

The party next encounters Reno alongside Rude in the Gongaga Jungle. This is an optional location that can be skipped on the party's way to Cosmo Canyon.

Turks:Reno favors the use of Turk Light, which does the most damage of his abilities. Despite its appearance it does not do fire-based damage.

In Gongaga Jungle, the Turks practice their signature move of retreating with studied and conspicuous nonchalance, or to put it another way, running away while posing madly, as they do in every battle.

However, while this is usually a storytelling device, and does not affect rewards won from the battle, this battle is different. Whichever of the two Turks, Turks:Reno or Turks:Rude is defeated first is the one whose loot item is collected by the party, and also determines the XP and AP received. Reno is the default target, and his item drop is an unusually powerful item for this level, a seven-slot staff for Aeris: the Fairy Tale; Rude's is a X-Potion

Third Battle - Sunken Gelnika

FFVII Neo Turk Light

Reno uses Neo Turk Light

The party encounters Reno for the third time at the Sunken Gelnika. This is another optional location; the player can choose not to visit this area. In this fight, Turks:Reno is again accompanied by Turks:Rude.

Reno can only be found in the Sunken Gelnika if the party travels there immediately after receiving the submarine, before Midgar is attacked by Diamond Weapon. If the player misses their chance, any visit to the Gelnika will find it empty of the Turks.

This is the first opportunity to steal the Touph Ring accessory. It increases both Vitality and Spirit by 50.

Fourth Battle - Midgar Underground

The fourth and final time the party may fight Reno is beneath Midgar, in the Sector 8 Underground. This fight is optional, and may be skipped by telling the Turks that "you don't feel like fighting," as long as the player has completed the sidequest involving the Turks in Wutai.

In this battle, Turks:Reno fights alongside Turks:Rude and Turks:Elena. Once one of the three Turks is beaten, all of them will run away, meaning no EXP or items from the other two.

This is the second opportunity to steal the Touph Ring accessory. Turks:Reno has the lowest Vitality of the three Turks, so to end this battle quickly, the party should focus their attacks to Turks:Reno.

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