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We are Turks. We complete the mission. No matter what.

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The Turks is the unofficial name of the Investigation Sector of the General Affairs Department (総務部調査課, Sōmubu Chōsaka?; alternatively, Administrative Research) of the Shinra Electric Power Company in Final Fantasy VII. They work inside the Public Security Division under Shinra executive Heidegger.

The spin-off game Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- focuses on the Turks in the years leading up to Final Fantasy VII.


A special Shinra task force often saddled with atypical assignments, such as scouting for SOLDIER recruits, escorting important individuals, spy work and assassination. The Turks keep to the company's ever-growing shadow, performing deeds best kept out of the public eye.

Final Fantasy VII Remake loading screen
Cissnei in her Turk uniform from Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-.

The Turks act similarly to an intelligence agency or investigative bureau, engaging in reconnaissance and espionage, or even black ops, including kidnappings and assassinations, on behalf of the corporation. They are also known for scouting for potential SOLDIER candidates. The Turks are consummate professionals, adhering to the mission no matter what. Due to the nature of their job, members are privy to numerous company secrets, and as such, become security risks should they resign.

In Final Fantasy VII, the Turks wear navy blue business suits, but in the rest of the Final Fantasy VII series, the suits are plain black. The standard uniform is a unisex business suit with matching tie, white shirt, and shoes. Gloves are allowed, as well as glasses and minor jewelry. Some members leave the suit jacket and shirt unbuttoned, omit the tie, or alternate the type of footwear from the basic black boot to one more to their liking.

Unlike the Shinra military, Turks wield various weapons—ranging from katana to firearms to shuriken to martial arts each operative specializing in one type of combat.


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The Genesis War[]

During the time Shinra is at war with Avalanche some Turks are also ordered to aid in the battle against the defector SOLDIER member Genesis Rhapsodos. Tseng, a high-ranking Turk, aids SOLDIER member Zack Fair in a mission to Genesis's hometown of Banora to investigate the disappearance of two unnamed Shinra operatives. They are found dead and buried. Tseng later accompanies Zack on a mission to Modeoheim to try and find Genesis's headquarters and where he is making his copies. The Turks are also keeping an eye on Aerith Gainsborough, the last known Cetra, who lives in the Sector 5 Slums of Midgar.

The Turks are deployed to deal with the attack on Midgar Sector 8 during which Zack saves the Turk member Cissnei from Genesis Copies, and the two become friends. Cissnei allows Zack to flee following his escape from the Shinra Manor where he was kept captive for four years by Shinra's Science Department, and further aids his attempt to return to Midgar. The Turks fail to save him from the Shinra army, though they do try to organize a rescue by helicopter.

Combating Avalanche[]


The Turks in Junon.

During Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- the Turks are led by Verdot with Tseng below him. Along with veterans, such as Reno and Rude, the Turks are made up of eight rookies. The Turks fight Avalanche, an eco-terrorist organization bent on destroying Shinra. President Shinra briefly replaces Verdot with Heidegger with disastrous results. Verdot blackmails the President to make him return the Turks to his command.

Verdot discovers the Avalanche leader, Elfe is his daughter twisted by her evil scientist lieutenant, Fuhito. To save her from the ancient summon inside her, Zirconiade, the Turks defect from Shinra using Rufus Shinra, company Vice President and President Shinra's son, as leverage, but the President orders the Shinra executive Scarlet to kill them nevertheless. Despite the threats from both Shinra and Avalanche, the Turks stop Fuhito and destroy Zirconiade. Verdot and his daughter, along with many of the Turks, disappear. Tseng reports having assassinated them, allowing him to become the new leader of the Turks, but in truth the former members go into hiding.

The Nightmare[]

During the events of Final Fantasy VII and its remake, the remaining Turks come into conflict with another Avalanche cell led by Barret Wallace while acting on orders to capture Aerith, the last living Cetra whom Shinra's executives believe could lead them to the promised land. Cloud aids Aerith in evading the Turks, who are then reassigned to destroy Sector 7 by dropping the section of Midgar's upper level to crush Avalanche's headquarters in the Midgar Slums while pinning the disaster on the terrorists. Cloud and his friends are unable to prevent both the plate's fall and Tseng capturing Aerith during the chaos. They storm the Shinra Building to save Aerith as the supposedly dead SOLDIER Sephiroth appears in the building and murders President Shinra.

After Rufus Shinra takes over the Shinra Company, the Turks are assigned to track down Sephiroth with Elena joining the Turks' ranks. Crossing paths with Cloud and his friends in the Mythril Mine, Tseng wishes Aerith well while declaring the Sephiroth mission takes priority over her recapture.

The Turks discover Sephiroth is looking for the Temple of the Ancients, and after the Shinra executive Reeve Tuesti infiltrates Avalanche's ranks under the guise of the robotic Cait Sith, he betrays Avalanche by handing the Keystone to the temple to Tseng. Tseng and Elena inspect the temple, but run into Sephiroth and Tseng is badly wounded. When Cloud and his friends find him slumped in a corner, Tseng returns the Keystone.

Though they are enemies, the Turks cooperate with Cloud's party in Wutai. Don Corneo, a former Shinra informant who had let Avalanche in on Shinra's plan to destroy Sector 7, thus became an enemy of the company. Shinra army is sent to eliminate him, and tracks him down in Wutai Village. Reno, Rude and Elena are enjoying their time off at the tourist resort, and turn down the soldiers' request for aid. Elena disagrees with refusing company orders, and storms off, and is kidnapped by Corneo alongside a member of Cloud's party, Yuffie Kisaragi. Working together, Cloud's party defeats Corneo's monster Rapps and Reno and Rude throw Corneo off the Da-chao Statue. Though they get a call to keep pursuing Cloud's party, the Turks shrug it off since they are still off duty.

When Diamond Weapon attacks Midgar the top levels of the Shinra Building are destroyed, and Rufus Shinra, the current company president, is thought dead, and the Shinra executives go rogue. When Cloud and his friends are on their way to stop Professor Hojo, the head of Shinra's Science Department, from destroying all of Midgar, the Turks run into them in the train tunnels. The Turks are not keen on fighting Cloud's party, who have a chance to convince the Turks to separate amicably.

On the Way to a Smile[]

The Turks feature prominently in "Episode: Shinra". After helping Rufus escape the Shinra Headquarters ruins, Tseng has Rude, Reno and Elena assist the citizens of Midgar escape before and after the Meteor falls. Verdot and the Turks who defected the company during the battle to stop Zirconiade, also return, and together the Turks watch as Meteor is destroyed over Midgar by the lifestream and Holy. When Rufus is kidnapped by Mütten Kylegate, the Turks guard Shinra property in Midgar's ruins and change the passkeys to the warehouses to stop scavengers sent by Kylegate.

When Kylegate is killed and Kilmister takes over caring for Rufus, the Turks follow written orders from Rufus to give Kilmister SOLDIER stimulants to assist his treatment with Geostigma, a new plague that spreads through the populace that is thought fatal. They trail Kilmister to find Rufus, and under his direction while he is being treated, help with the construction of the new city of Edge outside of Midgar's ruins.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children[]

Turks in ACC

The remaining Turks together.

Because the Shinra empire has collapsed Tseng, Elena, Reno and Rude are technically no longer Turks, but continue to wear their uniforms and work for Rufus. They primarily serve as bodyguards, but also aid Rufus in his mission to repay Shinra's debt for "putting the world into its current, pathetic state".

Tseng and Elena discover Jenova's remains in the Northern Cave, and end up fighting the Remnants of Sephiroth who want to retrieve the remains as part of Sephiroth's plan on being resurrected. The remnants hold Tseng and Elena hostage for some time, but are eventually rescued by Vincent Valentine, a former Turk and a member of Cloud's party. Reno and Rude fight to protect Rufus and Edge, and defeat Loz and Yazoo with a bomb. Tseng and Elena arrive just in time to save Rufus from falling off a building during his battle with Kadaj, one of the remnants.

In Advent Children Complete, Reno expresses his surprise that so many of the old employees have returned to the President's call, though this is never elaborated on.

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Shinra Building[]

Turk Command Center.
Turk Command Center.

As a subsidiary of the Shinra Electric Company, the Turks' official headquarters is located within the Shinra Building in Midgar. The exact location of their command center within the building is known by only a few due to the confidential nature of the branch.

Within the command center the Turks have full access to all levels of security within the company, as well as access to a considerable surveillance system linked to every Shinra facility across the globe.

Research Department QMC[]

This facility is responsible for supplying equipment and Materia for the Turks. Ranking within the Turks, earned by carrying out successful assignments, helps act as a trust system and gives some leeway for members to allow the company to purchase their goods, and for select goods, fund the required services for their creation, in a system known as Rank Points.

Select and veteran members can eventually be given access to QMC+, a more expansive department that will give access to equipment of the highest and utmost quality.

Wall Market Pub[]


Wall Market Pub.

Located in the Wall Market slums of Midgar, a certain pub is considered the watering-hole for the Turks during their time off.

Elena worked at the pub during her school years while her elder sister, Gun (Female), was operating as a Turk.

Notable members[]

  • Vincent Valentine—former member who used to work as a bodyguard to the scientists working in the Shinra Manor as part of the Jenova Project.
  • Verdot—leader of the Turks during Shinra's war against the first incarnation of Avalanche and the Genesis army.
  • Tseng—the second-in-command under Verdot's leadership who later inherits the position.
  • Reno—veteran Turk member. Becomes the second-in-command after Tseng becomes the leader.
  • Rude—veteran Turk member and Reno's partner.
  • Legend (Male)—recruit from Junon; explosives specialist and former anti-Shinra resistance member.
  • Rod (Male)—recruit from the streets of Midgar; ex-biker gang leader.
  • Gun (Female)—recruit from the slums of Midgar; recent valedictorian of Shinra Military School and older sister of Elena.
  • Two Guns (Male)—recruit from the slums of Midgar; ex-street tough of Midgar slums mob kingpin Don Corneo.
  • Shotgun (Female)—recruit from Mideel; hunting prodigy.
  • Martial Arts (Male)—recruit from Costa Del Sol; ex-police detective.
  • Martial Arts (Female)—recruit from Icicle Inn; former freelance mercenary scouted through the open Turks recruitment screening program.
  • Katana (Male)—recruit from Gongaga; prodigy swordsman and ex-convict working through a plea bargain.
  • Cissnei—ward of Shinra Electric Power Company; orphan raised and trained under company supervision.
  • Nunchaku (Male)—recruit from Bone Village; new agent.
  • Knife (Female)—recruit from Old Corel; expert survivalist.
  • Elena—the newest member of the Turks.

Musical themes[]

In Final Fantasy VII, "Turks' Theme" plays during every encounter with the Turks, more specifically Reno, Rude, or Elena. Additionally, any room with the three Turks in it will have it as its background theme until they leave.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, the Turks have a dedicated battle theme called "The Turks: Reno", which plays Cloud duels Reno in the church at the Sector 5 Slums, as well his later duel with Rude near Aerith's house. It is a rock version of the classic Turks' Theme, which incorporates some leitmotivs of other themes, most notably the "Infiltrating Shinra HQ" and "Let the Battles Begin!" from the original Final Fantasy VII.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

FFAB Double Impact - Reno & Rude Legend UR

Some of the Turks appear.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]


Reno, Rude and Elena appear.

Reno is a hybrid physical attacker and magical attacker, having access to high-level Celerity and Machinist abilities, as well as Black Magic. Most of his soul breaks deal Lightning damage, and are based on his Electrostatic Rod and Pyramid abilities.

Elena is a physical attacker, with access to high-level Celerity, Machinist, and Sharpshooter abilities. Her Soul Breaks often feature her throwing explosives at the enemy. Most of her soul breaks deal Fire damage, but she later gained an additional Lightning focus, which allows her to function well in a team with Reno and Rude.

Rude is a hybrid physical attacker and magical attacker, with access to high-level Monk and combat abilities, as well as Black Magic. His soul breaks focus on Earth damage, but he later gained an additional Lightning focus, to work in teams with Reno and Elena.

Mobius Final Fantasy[]

MFF Shinra Turk
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Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring[]

Ehrgeiz Vincent 2

Vincent is a secret character. As an optional outfit, he can don his Turk suit. He uses his martial arts and gun to attack from a distance.

Behind the scenes[]

CC Lost Turks 1

Deceased Turks in Crisis Core.

Revealed by Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega, the game script once contained a scene where a member of the Turks would come into Tifa's bar in Sector 7 pretending to be drunk, to spy on Avalanche activities, but Tifa would have soon become suspicious and asked them to leave. Although this character was removed from the game, there still is a line of dialogue that seems to refer to this character, when Tifa mentions Barret squeezing information out of a suspicious man, who divulges Don Corneo's involvement with Shinra.

In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- two unnamed agents were killed by 1st Class SOLDIER Genesis Rhapsodos when they went to Banora Village to investigate. They, along with Genesis's parents, were revealed to be buried under a Banora White tree.

A sub scenario focusing on the Turks was in the plans for Final Fantasy VII Remake at one point.[1]



A "young Turk" refers to a young and dynamic individual eager for change.