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MP Turbo in Final Fantasy VII, as indicated by the cost of Shield going from 180 MP to 255 MP.

Turbo MP, also known as MP Turbo (MPターボ, MP Tābo?) or Magic Booster, is a support ability that increases the power of magic spells at the cost of consuming more MP.


Final Fantasy VII[]

MP Turbo is a Support Materia found at Whirlwind Maze that boosts the power of paired Magic and Summon Materia. The maximum MP cost cannot exceed 255. Damage increase is applied to spells that use the physical, magical, and cure formulas; spells that use a different damage formula, like Demi, are unaffected, but still suffer from the MP cost increase. Status effect spells' hit rate is boosted by the same formula damage is increased by. Multiple MP Turbo Materia can stack on the same spell up to the maximum of 50% increase, the strength of a single L5 MP Turbo. MP Turbo Materia only affects abilities that the linked Materia can give at its current level.

Final Fantasy X[]

Magic Booster is a weapon auto-ability that increases magic damage and recovery by 50%, while using twice as much MP as normal. All Blk Magic and Wht Magic spells have their MP costs doubled, including ones that inflict status effects.

Customizing Magic Booster onto a character's weapon requires thirty Turbo Ether items. Lulu's Onion Knight Celestial Weapon gains the auto-ability when powered up, in tandem with One MP Cost, causing spells to cost 2 MP.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

The Soul of Thamasa accessory grants the Magic Booster ability, while in the International and HD Remaster versions, the Garment Grids Peerless and Last Resort can grant Magic Booster by passing through a colored gate.

Captured fiends can be taught Magic Booster by consuming a Soul of Thamasa accessory. The Black Elemental can also naturally learn Magic Booster during battle if it is recruited into the party.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

Doubles MP use for better damage and hit rate.


Turbo MP is a support ability that can be learned by White Mages from the White Robe for 300 AP. Turbo MP boosts damage of most abilities, even some that do not spend MP, and increases Accuracy by 15. However, MP-using spells cost double the MP when Turbo MP is equipped.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Turbo MP increases the potency of spells at double their MP cost, but are less efficient, as they require twice as many turns to charge up for. This can be alleviated by using a Cannoneer. The ability is learned by the White Mage for 250 AP from the White Robe.