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Turbo Ether FF7

Fully Restores MP

Final Fantasy VII description

The Turbo Ether (エーテルターボ, Ēterutābo?, lit. Ether Turbo) is a recurring item in the Final Fantasy series. It recovers a high amount of the MP of one character, and thus is usually a very rare item.


Final FantasyEdit

Restores 150 MP.


Turbo Ethers appear in the Dawn of Souls remake, and can either be dropped from Earth Plant or found in Hellfire Chasm, Lifespring Grotto, and Whisperwind Cove. They restore 150 MP.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Turbo Ether
Effect Restores all MP to a party member.
Buy Wonder Square
Find Midgar (Sector 5 Slums (in house with kid talking about hidden drawer. Search drawer, but leave money. Return after Wall Market events, talk to kid to receive Turbo Ether), Cave of the Gi, Nibelheim, Icicle Inn, Northern Cave, Bone Village, Fort Condor (must win 8th and 9th battle (After Rocket Town and getting Keystone)/x3)
Steal Jersey, Golem, Land Worm, Poodler, Armored Golem, Death Dealer, Edgehead, Killbin, Mover, Search Crown
Drop Magic Pot, Ancient Dragon, Jersey , Mover, Sea Worm, Shadow Maker, X Cannon, Zemzelett, Shake
Morph Twin Brain, Beachplug, Bullmotor, Crazy Saw, Golem, Killbin, Scrutin Eye, Zemzelett
Other Prize - Chocobo Racing in B and S classes
Cost 100 GP

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

Turbo Ethers fully restore the player's MP. They cannot be bought.

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Final Fantasy XEdit

Restores 500 MP of one character.

Turbo Ether
Effect Restores 500 MP.
Steal Braska's Final Aeon, Sanctuary Keeper, Seymour, Spectral Keeper, Spherimorph
Bribe Exoray, Funguar, Thorn
Other Prize: Calm Lands - Catcher Chocobo (tie/beat time), Monster Arena (unlock Bomb King (x60)

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Turbo Ether
Effect Restores 500 MP.
Buy Argent, Inc. (Calm Lands)
Find Mushroom Rock Road (chapter 1/2/5), Macalania Woods (chapter 1), Kilika Woods (chapter 1), Kilika Port (chapter 2), Kilika Temple (chapter 5), Celsius (chapter 4/5), Thunder Plains (chapter 4/5), Fiend Colony (chapter 5), Calm Lands (chapter 5), Ruin Depths (chapter 5), Farplane (chapter 5)
Steal Aranea (normal and Oversoul), Elder Drake (normal and Oversoul), Experiment, King VERMIN! (normal and Oversoul), Mega Tonberry (normal and Oversoul), Omega Weapon, Tonberry (Oversoul), Trema, Vegnagun (body)
Drop Azi Dahaka (Oversoul), Tonberry (Oversoul)
Bribe Arast, Dark Elemental, Flan Azabache (normal and Oversoul), King VERMIN!, Queen Coeurl (Oversoul)
Cost 1000 credits

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Turbo Ethers restore a great deal of EP. They can be obtained by giving 50 Unappraised Items to Elmer in Ruffian and selling 100 soul seeds to the soul seed merchants from the second playthrough and onwards. An alternative way to buy Turbo Ether is via Outerworld Services from random characters in the world for 5,600 gil.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

X-Ether are subject to a cooldown timer shared between all items.

Description Processed via the alchemical extraction of aetheric essence occurring in elemental crystals, the contents of this vial instantly restore a sizable amount of MP.
Effect Restores 20% of current MP, up to a maximum of 630MP restored. 240 second cooldown
Recipe Voidsent Blood (x1) Thavnairian Mistletoe (x1) Mugwort (x1), Water Cluster (X1) Lightning Cluster (x1), creates 3 potions. Alchemist level 50

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

Turbo Ethers restore 100% MP to the target and can be obtained from the Celestia Free Time Event (chapter 2) and the Machina and Ace Free Time Event (chapter 2).

Final Fantasy AdventureEdit

X-Ether is a recovery item that can be bought for 640 GP which restores 15 MP, it has one use.

Bravely DefaultEdit

A tonic made by decocting wind drake tears, mandragora petals, chomper juice and treant fruit for six weeks and then diluting it with an aspir solution.


Turbo Ethers restore 150 MP to the target. It can be used to reduce MP by 40 when used on undead enemies. It can be bought from Grandship, Eternia, and the Adventurer (Norende Village Trader Shop Lv. 10) for 5000 pg. It can be found in the Temple of Wind, Miasma Woods, Florem Gardens. Twilight Ruins, Grapp Keep, Mythril Mine, Underflow, Temple of Fire, Starkfort, Engine Room, Eternian Central Command, and Everlast Tower, and dropped by Rusalka (ch 2, 5, 6, 7, 8), Automaton, Ice Golem.

It can be dropped and stolen by Holly (ch 5, 6, 7, 8), Barras (ch 5, 8), Khint (ch 5, 7, 8), Ominas (ch 6), Mephilia (ch 7), Heinkel (ch 8), Khamer (ch 8), Khint (ch 8), Jackal (ch 8), Profiteur (ch 8), DeRosa (ch 8), Einheria (ch 8), Mephilia (ch 8), Artemia (ch 8) Barbarossa (ch 8), Qada (ch 8), Praline (ch 8), Kamiizumi (ch 8), Kikiyo (ch 8), Yulyana (ch 8), and DeRosso (ch 8), and as a reward for Tutorial Quests.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

The Turbo Ether restores 3 BP.

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Final Fantasy ExplorersEdit

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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World of Final FantasyEdit

SINGLE: Restores a large amount of AP.

Turbo Ether
Effect Restores 8 AP to a single target.
Find Saronia Docks, Underground Prison, Train Graveyard, Sunken Temple, Castle Exnine, EX Dungeon A, EX Dungeon C
Drop Black Chocochick, Magitek Armor A, Mordskull, Princess Goblin★, Werebat
Nightmare difficulty:
Mimic Jackpot, Moomba, Water Golem, Sea Serpent
Sell 2,500 gil

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's DungeonEdit

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Diethyl ether was once used in pharmaceuticals. It was frequently used as a general anesthetic until the adoption of halothane in the early 1950s, and is still occasionally used as an anesthetic in developing countries due to its low cost. A mixture of alcohol and ether was known as "Spirit of ether" or Hoffman's Drops.

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