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Tsukuyomi is a primal from Final Fantasy XIV introduced in the 4.3 patch for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood: Under the Moonlight. She is fought in Castrum Fluminis.



Tsukuyomi is a young woman resembling her human self Yotsuyu goe Brutus. The skin of the left half of her body is pale white, while it is black on the other half. She has glowing blue eyes and rabbit ears.

She wears a traditional Japanese kimono. She wields a fan in her left hand, and a pipe in the other. A magical crescent is floating behind her.


Tsukuyomi shares the same minds and personality with her human self. She also smokes with a pipe.


Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

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Musical themes

Her battle theme consists of three parts. The first phase is called "Nightbloom", featuring a remix of the iconic Stormblood track "Revolutions". Starting up with powerful wind instrumentals and leading up to melancholic string and piano portions, it almost alludes a twist in the intertwined nature of Tsukuyomi's host about committed atrocities compared to a tragic past. "Lunacy" accompanies the second phase, using loops of piano and chords in a medium-paced, more resolved melody.

"Wayward Daughter" plays as the third and final phase unfolds. It features mixed female and male chorus singing English and Japanese lyrics to a more rock opera-like hymn; the melody of the male chorus in particular is that of Cyan's Theme.



Tsukuyomi or Tsukiyomi-no-Mikoto (月読命) is the moon god in Shinto and Japanese mythology. The moon was considered a male deity, brother and consort of the sun goddess Amaterasu. The kanji for Tsukuyomi mean "moon" and "read".

Tsukuyomi in Final Fantasy XIV likely draws inspiration from Lady Kaguya, the princess of the moon from the famous Japanese story of the bamboo cutter, and has bunny-like ears alluding to the folklore of rabbits on the moon, effectively making the character three figures of Japanese legend at once.


  • Tsukuyomi is one of the five primals who have been summoned into a certain individual or structure as their host. The others are Shiva, Phoenix, King Thordan, and Alexander.
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