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The Trust System (フェイス, Feisu?, lit. Faith) is a feature in Final Fantasy XIV first introduced in the third expansion Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. Based on the similar concept of Final Fantasy XI and the Adventurer Squadrons of the Grand Companies, this system allows the player to form a party with up to three non-player characters and take on certain duties.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Trust System menu.

The Trust System has two components: Scenario mode and Avatars mode.

The player first gains access to the system and Scenario mode by unlocking the level 71 dungeon, the Holminster Switch. To use the Trust System for previously cleared duties, the player needs to complete that duty once (either with the Trust System NPCs or with other players). Through the main scenario, the available characters depends of the dungeon, though always covering all necessary roles.

The system has some restrictions. The characters are always at the minimum required level to participate in the dungeon, so a Trust run will always be lower in stats than a Duty Finder run. The coffers have less rewards, and some enemies won't drop items.

Upon clearing the main scenario quest "Shadowbringers", Scenario mode is locked and the system switches to Avatars mode, resulting in the Crystal Exarch and Lyna being removed from Holminster Switch, while the remaining six characters can now be used in all trust compatible dungeons. In Avatars mode, all characters start at level 71, and need to be brought back up to the minimum level requirement of the dungeon before using them. The characters' earned experience is fixed depending of the dungeon.

Reaching level 80 with one character unlocks an alternate appearance for that character. This is purely aesthetic, and does not affect on any way to the avatars' fight style.

When all characters are leveled to 80, the Scenario mode is unlocked once more. It also rewards the player with the achievement "Bound by Faith" and the title "Trusted Friend".

Upon completing the main scenario quest "Reflections in Crystal", G'raha Tia becomes selectable in Avatars mode and begins at level 80.

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

The dungeons compatible with the Trust System are:

List of characters[edit | edit source]

Name Image Job Available duty
Alisaie Leveilleur FFXIV Trust Alisaie.png FFXIV Red Mage Icon.png Red Mage Holminster Switch, Dohn Mheg, Malikah's Well, Mt. Gulg, Amaurot, The Grand Cosmos, Anamnesis Anyder, Heroes' Gauntlet
Alphinaud Leveilleur FFXIV Trust Alphinaud.png FFXIV Scholar Icon.png Academician Holminster Switch, Dohn Mheg, Malikah's Well, Mt. Gulg, Amaurot, The Grand Cosmos, Anamnesis Anyder, Heroes' Gauntlet
The Crystal Exarch/G'raha Tia FFXIV Trust Crystal Exarch.pngFFXIV Trust G'raha Tia.png FFXIV Tank Icon.pngFFXIV Healer Icon.pngFFXIV DPS Icon.png All-Rounder
Can be a Paladin, White Mage or Black Mage depending on desired role
Holminster Switch, The Grand Cosmos
Lyna FFXIV Trust Lyna.png FFXIV Dancer Icon.png Guard Captain Holminster Switch
Minfilia/Ryne FFXIV Trust Minfilia.png
FFXIV Trust Ryne.png
FFXIV Rogue Icon.png Oracle of Light Dohn Mheg, Qitana Ravel, Malikah's Well, Mt. Gulg, Amaurot, Anamnesis Anyder, Heroes' Gauntlet
Thancred Waters FFXIV Trust Thancred.png FFXIV Gunbreaker Icon.png Gunbreaker Dohn Mheg, Qitana Ravel, Malikah's Well, Mt. Gulg, Amaurot, Anamnesis Anyder, Heroes' Gauntlet
Urianger Augurelt FFXIV Trust Urianger.png FFXIV Astrologian Icon.png Astrologian Dohn Mheg, Qitana Ravel, Malikah's Well, Mt. Gulg, Amaurot, Anamnesis Anyder, Heroes' Gauntlet
Y'shtola Rhul FFXIV Trust Y'shtola.png FFXIV Black Mage Icon.png Sorceress Qitana Ravel, Malikah's Well, Mt. Gulg, Amaurot, The Grand Cosmos, Anamnesis Anyder, Heroes' Gauntlet

Character-specific details[edit | edit source]

  • The Crystal Exarch will use abilities available to the class he is using despite not being at the required level for them.
  • Despite being a Dancer, Lyna does not use "Closed Position" to select a Dance Partner. This is likely because she is a soldier, and her efforts are more focused on offense.
  • Though Alphinaud plays as a Scholar, he is unable to summon faeries, summoning Moonstone Carbuncle instead. This Carbuncle works akin to the Arcanist's; while it lacks periodic healing, it will cast weak attack magic and can provide Damage Up buffs to party members.
    • Alphinaud will prioritize Alisaie's safety if they are grouped up. If she is not in the party, Alphinaud will instead prioritize the player.
  • Alisaie will immediately use Limit Breaks when possible.
  • Ryne is the only character to fight with a basic class instead of a job. She will not use Limit Breaks if the player has selected a DPS job.
    • For most non-boss encounters Ryne will initially use "Vanish", approach the enemy and use "Trick Attack".
    • Despite being a Rogue-like class, Ryne has access to the unique spell "Banish", likely through her use of the Echo.
  • Thancred will not use Cartridge-based skills unless Ryne is also in the team, owing to his inability to charge cartridges on his own.
  • Urianger will, on occasion, cast Death on enemies to instantly defeat them. This doesn't extend to bosses, and will always target the enemy with the lowest HP.
  • Y'shtola will cast offensive magic in set sequences, primarily from the Black Mage but also using some White Mage visuals. Periodically she will instead use Foul and then cast multiple Fire IV spells.
  • In the last boss fight of Dohn Mheg, each party member has different reactions to the tightrope walk:
    • Thancred expresses mild annoyance ("This wouldn't fool a child.") before running part of the way and leaping across to the boss ("Good thing I'm light on my feet.").
    • Urianger expresses mild amusement before teleporting across ("This shan't trouble us.").
    • Ryne will nervously pause at the start ("W-We're supposed to cross this?") before tip-toeing through while pausing at certain points ("One step at a time...") and is unable to reach the boss's barrier in time.
    • Alphinaud will slowly walk through before nervously ("I'm not afraid... I'm not afraid...") running the rest of the way at the halfway point and takes a sigh of relief when finishing, preventing him from reaching the boss's barrier in time.
    • Alisaie will sprint the entire way ('Oh, come now. We know this is an illusion.").
    • Y'shtola will simply briskly walk through as if there were no illusion ("An asinine trick.").
    • G'raha will run to the start of the rope and stop briefly to unsheathe his weapon ("I regret to disappoint, but I'm more than comfortable with heights!"), then sprint the entire way.
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