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A moogle holding a mysterious crystal. The crystal seems to hold within itself a mysterious power that connects the hearts of people. Since the crystal it holds is still small, it is thought that the trust moogle holding it is still weak, and still in training itself. However, it feels more strongly than anyone for those who search for the power of trust, and every day it earnestly does its best to carry out its job as well as it possibly can.

Trust Moogle (1★) description

Trust Moogles (トラストモーグリ, Torasuto Mōguri?) are a gameplay feature from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. They are enhancer units whose function is that of raising the Trust Master meter of playable characters by a fixed percentage. They can be obtained as Login Bonus rewards, expedition rewards, Arena monthly ranking reward, events or at the Chamber of the Fallen, by purchasing Premium Bundles, by buying them from the Fat Chocobo, etc.


Like the rest of the enhancer units (Pots, Gil Turtles, Metal Cactuars), they cannot be put in a party or participate in battle. They can only be fused, amongst each other or to units with Trust meters. Notably, some moogles of the same rarity may not necessarily have the same trust value. Furthermore, even if they have a specific Trust Master name, they will not give the reward to the player at reaching 100%; they must invariably be fused to a compatible playable character, or to a "moogle container", to obtain the reward.

Rarity Typical value Compatibility
1★ 1% All
3★ 5% Same Trust Name
1% (Though these have the same trust properties typically found in 1★ moogles, they grant 1500 EXP upon fusion rather than 500 EXP.) All
4★ 5% All
5★ 10% All

Natural Trust Moogles (トラストモーグリ(すっぴん), Torasuto Mōguri (Suppin)?) are unlike other Trust Moogles: they are obtained by converting a 5★ base unit (e.g. Lightning) into a Prism, the 7★ awakening material. If that Lightning has Trust above 0 but below 100 (i.e. has not obtained her Trust Master reward), her Trust % will be the value of a Natural Trust Moogle that comes out from that process. These moogles will reward the Trust Master when they reach 100%.



The moogle's Japanese name, Mōguri (モーグリ), is a portmanteau of the words for mole (土竜, mogura?) and bat (蝙蝠, kōmori?). "Moogle" is the localized version of Mōguri, losing the pun, though "moogle" has started to appear in Japanese sources as well.