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Trust is a term and game mechanic in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius that involves the game's summonable units.


Trust is a percentage that all the units have (excepting the free story characters like Rain, Lasswell, or Fina). This percentage starts at 0% when the player obtains a summonable unit, and by maximizing it they gain a reward that can be a powerful weapon, accessory, armor or a trait materia.

Most of these rewards, called Trust Master Rewards, are based on recurrent weapons and abilities in the Final Fantasy series. Each Trust Master Reward is unique to each unit, and no two units will have the same Trust Master Reward. However, different units can have rewards with similar effects.

Trust Master Rewards' quality and power is usually, but not always, associated with the unit's rarity and overall utility. Many lesser rarity characters have lowly ranked TMRs, but many of them also have powerful rewards considered "Best in Slots" (slang for better equipment/ability for a respective unit). E.g. Cecil is a 3★ base rarity unit, one of the lowest, but his Trust Master Reward, the Excalibur, is a highly coveted weapon. Higher rarity units tend to have great rewards, but there are exceptions, for example Orlandeau's Trust Master Reward is almost universally considered weak despite its holder being a 5★ base rarity and overall one of the best units in the meta.

Since several low ranked units have basic Trust Master Rewards, it is not uncommon for many of them to be found as learnable abilities by other characters. Some of them are sold by King Mog in later updates for a relatively cheap price.


To claim the reward, the player needs to enhance the Trust Master percentage.

  • Clearing a dungeon has a 10% chance to increase the progress by 0.1%. As such, farming a low energy consumption dungeon will yield better results. Players commonly do this at the Earth Shrine. For maximum effectiveness, most players use macros to farm and/or fill the energy gauge once drained. The latter practice is usually seen as a move reserved for high investors who have large amounts of Lapis to refill and continue.
  • Enhancing a unit with another unit of the same character adds up their progress plus an additional 5%. As such, using multiple copies of a particular unit along with the above method can prove extremely effective for quicker filling. However, this technique depends on the number of copies the player has and is willing to use, plus their ability to farm and refill energy to continue.
  • Enhancing a unit with a Trust Moogle unit can increase the progress by 1%, 5% or 10%. There are also other Trust Moogles, which yield percentages as high as 50% or 100%, but these are extremely rare.

Super Trust Master Reward[]

Super Trust Master Rewards are additional rewards found in units that can awaken to 7★, which is reserved to a select few, and mostly only 5★ base and Neo Vision units can achieve this state.

The Super Trust Master Rewards are not achieved the same way as Trust Master. A gauge is to be filled by infusing the 7★ unit with copies of itself, which yield a percentage relative to their rank. A 5★-6★ copy yields 50%, while another 7★ copy gives a full 100%. Because another copy of a 5★ base unit is required to upgrade another to 7★, that means that acquiring a Super Trust Master Reward requires at least four copies of said unit (one base, one as 7★ awakening material, plus two others to become Super Trust Master Reward fodder, which will require two regardless if infused as 5★-6★ or as a single 7★).

In the Japanese version, due to much friendlier campaigns and means to obtain 5★ units, getting a Super Trust Master Reward is not as difficult.

List of Trust Master Rewards[]