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Troxia is a non-player character from original Final Fantasy XIV. She is one of the two leaders of the Ashcrown Consortium, with another leader being Shanga Meshanga.


For decades, the Ashcrown Consortium took care of the Eorzea's crystal trade, ensuring that everything went smoothly. Due to the Garlean intervention on the continent, the tribes became more aggressive and violent. Negotiations became unviable because the tribes stopped selling their crystals because they believed their primals needed it. The situation created a great deal of unwanted tension and Ashcrown Consortium asked Path of the Twelve for help.

Troxia and Shanga Meshanga asks the adventurer and his path companion are sent to assist the Consortium during a negotiation on an Amalj'aa excavation site near Camp Drybone. The duo returns with a big bag of crystals forgotten by beastmen, and thus ensures the stability of the market for a while.[1]


Troxia has the common appearance of a sylph, having doll features with large black eyes and delicate hands and feet. On his chest is a black jewel-like stone, and on his back are four leaf-shaped wings.


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