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A trophy item in Final Fantasy XII.

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Trophy items are a recurring set of items in the series. They are generally of little to no value in terms of gameplay, as they don't do anything on their own and are not usually used for anything. They exist to signify the player has overcome some of the most difficult trials in the game, usually by defeating a superboss. Trophy items generally show up the most with the superboss Omega, in the form of the Omega Badge. Trophy items were common before achievement systems were introduced.


Final Fantasy III[]

The Metal Card is acquired in the 3D remake after defeating the Iron Giant.

Final Fantasy V[]

The Omega Badge is acquired after defeating the superboss Omega in the Interdimensional Rift, while the Dragon Seal is acquired after defeating the superboss Shinryu. An additional item, the Medal of Smiting, is acquired after completing the Cloister of the Dead in the Game Boy Advance and discontinued mobile/Steam versions.

Final Fantasy VI[]

Only appearing in the Game Boy Advance and discontinued mobile and Steam releases, the Master's Crown is obtained after completing all 100 battles at the Soul Shrine.

Final Fantasy VII[]

There are multiple unusable items won as prizes at the Battle Square. Unlike most trophy items, they are more for comedy than for showing off. The Tissue, for instance, drops after almost every battle as a "consolation prize". For beating the Special Match, the player can win the Masamune Blade (a copy of Sephiroth's sword, not an actual weapon), the Combat Diary and Gambler written by Dio, and his Autograph. The Super Sweeper, Masamune Blade and 1/35 Soldier can also be won at the Speed Square.

The items dropped from the superbosses Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon actually serve a purpose, and thus are not just for show. Earth Harp from Emerald Weapon yields a set of Master Materia, and the Desert Rose Ruby Weapon drops yields a gold chocobo, respectively, if presented to the Kalm traveler.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

You are the finest fighter in the world!

Proof of Omega

While not an actual item, the Proof of Omega is obtained after defeating the superboss Omega Weapon in Ultimecia Castle, and will appear in the Tutorial section of the menu. Another type of menu trophy is the star that appears next to the Triple Triad section after the player has held every card.

Final Fantasy IX[]

The Strategy Guide is obtained after defeating the superboss Ozma at the Chocobo's Air Garden. Rank S Award is obtained from Gilgamesh when the player attains the highest Treasure Hunter Rank. The Southern Tropical Outfits could also be seen as trophy items, as although usable as armor they have no stats, are are akin to joke equipment.

Final Fantasy X[]

The Mark of Conquest is obtained by beating Nemesis in the Monster Arena. To unlock Nemesis, the player must capture 10 of each fiend found in Spira and defeat all other Original Species, Area Conquest, and Species Conquest monsters at least once.

Final Fantasy XI[]

Players have titles which show up when examining them. Nearly every quest, mission, battlefield, and Notorious Monster grants a title signifying the player's accomplishment.

There are also the Master Trials, which give cosmetic weapons that can used with the /lockstyle system.

Final Fantasy XII[]

Centurio Hero's Badge is awarded for reaching the highest rank in Clan Centurio. To get the highest rank, the player must fill out the Sky Pirate's Den, complete all 45 hunts and have a million clan points.

Although the Wyrmhero Blade is usable as a weapon, it is effectively more of a trophy item due to the player needing to have slain the game's superbosses to get it, and the weapon being slow to use albeit with high stats and combos. The trophy for completing the fishing minigame is also needed to make it. However, it is considered one of the best weapons in the Zodiac versions as the damage cap has been removed, mitigating its slowness in sheer damage power.

Some Rare Game yield trophies when slain. These enemies never spawn again after their trophy has been collected. The trophies serve a purpose in the Hunt Club sidequest.

Final Fantasy XV[]

Ifrit drops the Infernian Shards key item that doesn't have a known usefulness. Omega drops the Omega Badge. While the Hunter's Medal rewarded for completing the Menace Beneath Lucis sidequest can be used as an Elemancy catalyst, it is not the most powerful, and other catalysts of equal of greater strength can be farmed infinitely while only one Hunter's Medal is available, making it more of a trophy item.

Bravely Default[]

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