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Lady Yuna, we've been expecting you. We were surprised you decided to come so soon. Pleasantly surprised, of course. Lord Seymour sends his apologies for having left without notice.

Tromell to Yuna

Tromell is a non-player character in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. He is an elderly Guado, and serves the Guado leaders.


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For many years, Tromell was a retainer for Maester Jyscal Guado, his wife having played a role in escorting the Maester's wife and infant son to Baaj on their leader's command. When Tromell's wife finished her task, she was killed by Sin and became a fiend. After Jyscal's passing, Tromell became retainer to Seymour Guado with the firm belief that Seymour's newfound status as a Maester of Yevon will establish good ties between his parents' two races.

Final Fantasy XEdit


Tromell greeting the party to Seymour's mansion.

Tromell first meets Yuna and her guardians in Guadosalam, explaining Seymour's heritage while expressing his ideals. Tromell later waits for Yuna at Lake Macalania to bring her to the temple so she can see Seymour. But upon seeing Seymour killed by Yuna's group within the temple, a devastated Tromell refuses to allow Yuna to send Seymour.

Though he views the sphere of Jyscal affirming that his son killed him, Tromell destroys it to conceal the incident while sending Guado soldiers after the party to avenge Seymour. It isn't until after the unsent Seymour nearly kills the entire Ronso race that he is finally ridden with guilt. Welcoming death, as he feels he has nothing left for which to live, Tromell spent the duration of Yuna's pilgrimage lamenting his actions at the Farplane.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit


Tromell in Macalania Woods.

We cannot ask that you forgive us... only that you forget us.


After the defeat of Sin and the coming of the Eternal Calm, being burdened by Seymour's actions, Tromell joins the rest of the Guado to take refuge in the Macalania Woods to die with the forest for their role in Seymour's actions. However, Tromell encounters the forest musicians whose music convinces him to save them by convincing the Guado to return to their homeland with the musicians. Tromell is elected the new Guado leader and uses his status to restore Guado relations with the Ronso and the rest of Spira.

In an alternate scenario, if Yuna fails to stop Garik and the other Ronso from taking their revenge (or even willingly lets them do it), the Guado are killed off and effectively rendered extinct in Spira. This makes Tromell the only named character who can be killed throughout the game, although it is considered canon for him to survive. If spoken to three times in Chapter 1 or 2 in Macalania Woods, Tromell will hand out Paine's special dressphere, the Full Throttle, along with the Unerring Path Garment Grid.

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Creation and developmentEdit

Tromell was to be a boss straight after Seymour in Macalania Temple, but was removed in the full game.[citation needed]


Tromell's English voice actor is Corey Burton, who also voiced Maester Kelk Ronso.

His Japanese voice actor is Ryūzō Ishino, who also voiced Datto and Luzzu.



Tromell may derive from German Trommel. Trommel is Dutch for "drum."


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