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The land flourishes from the Earth Crystal's boons. Intriguing...

Troia, also known as Toroia, is a city in Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Troia is a primarily matriarchal society, led by eight female Epopts. Women fill other primarily "male" roles as well, such as being the guards, soldiers, doctors, and shopkeepers of the castle and its village. A peaceful nation, it has been known for never having participated in a war, although it appears to have a disciplined military. The kingdom is home to the Earth Crystal, and for its blessings is a land of lush forests and flowing rivers.


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Before the events of Final Fantasy IV[]

Twenty years before the events of Final Fantasy IV, Troia was under constant monster attacks and was on the verge of being destroyed. In response to the attacks, the Elder of Mysidia sent the sages Tellah and Minwu to deal with the creatures. After defeating the monsters terrorizing the country, the two sages aided the city by teaching the citizens magic to defend themselves. When teaching the Epopts magic, the young women refused to learn Black Magic, as they saw it no more than a force of destruction, and would only allow their kind to learn the arts of White Magic.[1]

Harley's diary mentions she received her education and training in Troia when she was young.

Final Fantasy IV[]

FF4 PSP Troia Castle.png
Crest of Troia.

An aerial view of Troia as seen in the Super Famicom manual.

Cecil, Tellah, Yang, and Cid arrive in Troia to capture the Earth Crystal to trade it to Golbez in exchange for Rosa. They discover the Dark Elf has already stolen it. The party approaches Troia's Epopts, who agree to let them borrow the Crystal if they can recapture it from the Dark Elf. They visit Edward in the castle infirmary, and he gives them the Whisperweed to help them find the Crystal, and the group searches for the Dark Elf in the Lodestone Cavern.

After defeating the Dark Elf, Cecil and his friends return to Troia and are contacted by Kain, who is ready to trade Rosa for the Crystal at the Tower of Zot. By giving up the Crystal without a fight, Troia is spared from sharing the fate of Mysidia, Damcyan and Fabul, who all come under attack by Baron's Red Wings.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

Approximately a month ago, one of the eight Epopts took ill. Unable to govern properly with one fewer member, the Epopts sent word to Mysidia to send a mage to train a new Epopt. The Elder of Mysidia sent Palom, who arrives to discover his pupil is Leonora. After Leonora completes her training in Black Magic at the Tower of Trials, the Red Wings, under the command of a Mysterious Girl, arrive to seize the Earth Crystal. Knowing Troia would face a losing fight should it engage Baron soldiers, the Epopts entrust the Earth Crystal to Leonora, hoping she can sneak out and hide it somewhere safe. Leonora and Palom flee through the Troia Castle Waterway, then to the Lodestone Cavern, to escape the Red Wings. The Mysterious Girl follows them and seizes the Earth Crystal, before casting Shiva on Troia Castle, freezing it and everyone in it down. Although Troia once again avoided war, this time it nevertheless paid a price.

In Edge's Tale, Izayoi is dispatched to Troia to observe the nation, and is undercover as an Epopt Trainee before investigating the Tower of Trials and returning to Eblan.

Leonora is appointed as the eighth Epopt, but she gives her post up to travel to Mysidia and study to become a Sage, feeling there are more worthy candidates for the position than her.

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Final Fantasy IV[]

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

Edge's Tale (Izayoi after Tower)

Troia in the World Map of The After Years.

Musical themes[]

Troia has its eponymous theme as background music, which plays in Troia Castle. "Welcome to Our Town!" plays in the town of Troia.

Other media[]

In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, there is a trade material called "Troian Fabric".

Behind the scenes[]

The unreachable woman in the red dress.

There is an oddity that goes back to the SNES era, which is still present in every version of Final Fantasy IV, with the exception of the 3D remakes. There is no way to speak with the woman in the red dress found on the second floor of the pub because the player is blocked by the fireplace and the old man. This unreachable NPC has text dialogue that is copied from another NPC that can be spoken to on the second floor (this line is likely "Line 0", which is the first line of text normally generated when entering a room, belonging to that of the male NPC that can be spoken to upon entering the second floor; this means the unreachable NPC was never assigned her own text and simply defaults to Line 0 when spoken to). The dialogue in the SNES version is: "Do you have enough GPs? It's gonna be a bit too expensive from here on!" This woman doesn't appear in the 3D versions.



"Troia" is the Ancient Greek name for the city of Troy.


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