Short sword with the power of water.

Description, Final Fantasy IV

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Triton's Dagger (トリトンダガー, Toriton Dagā?) is a recurring dagger and knife in the series. It is sometimes a powerful Water-elemental knife obtained late in the game, while other times being a relatively weak weapon.


Final Fantasy IV

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Triton's Dagger is a dagger exclusive to the Advance and The Complete Collection remakes, being used only by Palom. It can be acquired by defeating the Flan Master that guards it. It provides 62 Attack, 40 Accuracy, +15 Intelligence, and will cast Flood when used as an item. The dagger is Water-elemental as well being a metallic weapon.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Triton Dagger returns as the strongest non-unique dagger in the game, providing 62 Attack, 40% Accuracy, +10 Intelligence, and casts Flood when used as an item. It can be found in the Depths after defeating Kraken.

Final Fantasy XI

Triton's Dagger is the high-quality version of the Orichalcum Dagger, equippable at level 70 by Black Mages, Summoners, and Scholars. It has a damage of 21, a delay of 178, and boosts MP by 25 and Intelligence by 2. Its lower quality version, the Orichalcum Dagger, has a damage of 20, a delay of 183, and boosts MP by 20 and Intelligence by 2. Both may only be obtained via Synthesis.

Final Fantasy Dimensions

Triton's Dagger is a high-level knife. It provides 68 attack power and +5 Intelligence, is water-elemental, and casts Flood on enemies.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Triton's Dagger is a level 1 dagger that provides +3 Attack and Initial EX Force +15%. It can be obtained by trading 450 gil, Knife, Power Shard, and Transmogridust x2 at the shop.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

Triton's Dagger returns as a level 1 dagger and provides +20 Attack, +2 Defense, and Initial EX Force +5%. It can be obtained in the shop by trading 6,100 gil, Knife, and Chocobo Chick Powder.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

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Triton is a mythological Greek god, the messenger of the sea. He is usually represented as a merman, having the upper body of a human and the tail of a fish.


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