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Tristol is a character from Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. He was a painter who worked at Eulmore.


Tristol was called in Eulmore to work as a painter to paint a portrait of Dulia-Chai and Chai-Nuzz. Unfortunately the style didn't please the couple and without use inside Eulmore, Tristol was thrown into the sea.

Alphinaud Leveilleur and the Warrior of Light find him on the bank near the city. Thanking the Warrior for their help, Tristol hints that Eulmore will soon hire a new painter and that would be an opportunity to enter the city. Tristol quits being a painter to find a new direction for her life.

Tristol is found by another Eulmore refugee and is taken to live in Amity. When Vauthry flees to Mt. Gulg, the Warrior of Light/Darkness goes to the region looking for a way to reach the mount and Tristol spies on him for fear of being a soldier of Eulmore. Recognizing the Warrior, Tristol helps by providing information about and region. The Warrior takes Dulia-Chai and Chai-Nuzz to Amity, the couple apologizes for sending him to death and asks the collaboration of Amity's people to create a giant Talos to reach the mount. Still angry, Tristol recognizes that help is for a greater good and collaborates with the creation of Talos.




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