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Tristan Lowe, also known as Tristan Nightflicker, is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. A summoner clad in dark garb, he is the antagonist of the Summoner job quest storyline.


Tristan is a mysterious Dark Summoner who attacks the adventurer and Y'mhitra shortly after they acquire Titan-egi. Demanding they hand over something he claims to belong to him, they drive him off and retreat. Y'mhitra later learns he was a man named Tristan, but when attempting to investigate his background near Little Ala Mihgo one of his thugs attacks the adventurer.

Tristan meeting with the Ascian.

They corner him at the Singing Shards of Mor Dhona, where he is making deals with an Ascian. Handing over several relics, the Ascian imparts him knowledge of an ancient primal, Belias, which he summons in egi form to attack the adventurer and take the Soul Crystal. During the battle he absorbs the egi to empower himself. Once defeated, Tristan rants how he needs this power to destroy the primals. He reveals he was once a member of the Brass Blades, and was forced to execute his brother who was tempered by Ifrit. After revealing his past, Tristan summons Ifrit-Egi to kill himself in an explosion in front of the adventurer and Y'mhitra.



Tristan is a male hyur midlander with white hair and tanned skin. He wears the Evokers attire dyed a black color.


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Tristan summoning Belias-Egi.

Tristan is a Summoner and uses a variant of Ifrit's Grimoire as his weapon in battle.

Tristan Nightflicker is fought as a boss during the Primal Burdens Primal Burdens Summoner job quest. During the first phase Tristan is accompanied by the Belias-Egi. When Belias-Egi is out on the battlefield, Tristan will only cast Ruin and Ruin II and use Rouse to boost Belias-Egi's attack power.

After Belias-Egi has been defeated, Tristan will absorb the its power and begin using Rotten Meat and Armageddon, a variant of the Starstorm limit break. He will call an Onyx Claw to cast both Fire II and Fire III on the player.