Template:MQ Character Tristam is one of Benjamin's four allies in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. He is a mercenary, and will leave Benjamin to fend for himself at the opportunity for a treasure hunt. He nicknames Benjamin "kid", and considers the boy as being in need of his assistance. Tristam's town of origin is unknown, but he wields Ninja Stars as his weapon and carries Explosives and the Dragon Claw on him at various points in the game, both of which he eventually gives to Benjamin.

Benjamin meets Tristam when searching for an Elixir to cure Kaeli (its implied that Tristam stole the Elixir from the chest at the Sand Temple), and when he is unable to pay Tristam's high price, he is recruited to help Tristam raid the Bone Dungeon for treasure. Tristam sells him Explosives during the raid, and claims the Dragon Claw from a chest after defeating the Flamerus Rex. He then gives Benjamin the promised Elixir and leaves. Tristam makes a small reappearance in Fireburg, where he gives Benjamin a key to unlock any door, giving it to him on the house.

When Reuben falls off the Rope Bridge, Tristam appears and tags along. Blocked from progressing in the Alive Forest by the Giant Tree, Tristam reminds Benjamin that Kaeli can talk to trees, and the pair head to Aquaria to meet her. Tristam meets Spencer, and the two head off on a treasure hunt, but not before Tristam gives Benjamin the Dragon Claw he had acquired earlier. He along with Spencer can later be found sitting at a table inside the Hotel in Fireburg.

After Benjamin has beaten the Dark King and is preparing to sail around the world, Tristam makes his way onto the boat at the last second, hoping to lay claim to any treasures the pair would find.

Tristam, notably, is the only ally to have his own musical theme.



  • His Japanese name, Lock, is the same as that of Locke Cole from Final Fantasy VI. This received scrutiny in a V-Jump interview with the developers, who said it was only a coincidence.


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