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Triple Triad match in Final Fantasy XIV.

Triple Triad is a minigame in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which was introduced in patch 2.51 along with the Manderville Gold Saucer. It is inspired by the minigame from Final Fantasy VIII, and has similar rules. Triple Triad matches can be played against NPCs and other players. Unlike Final Fantasy VIII, cards will not be lost automatically at the end of Triple Triad matches, and when playing against other players, cards cannot be won.


Rules screen when facing an NPC.

There are many different rules. Rules are preset in NPC opponents, or selected by players when facing one another. NPCs in different regions have different regional rules that reset daily at either 7AM PST or 10AM EST.

Ruleset Type Description
All Open Card reveal Most basic ruleset, all five cards open to both players.
Three Open Card reveal Three of five cards of each player's deck are visible.
Sudden Death Victory conditions Any match that ends in a draw will restart from turn one, and consist of cards captured from the previous game. It will continue until a player wins, or until the fifth draw, in which it will end in a draw.
Random Card selection A chosen deck will be replaced with five random cards from the player's card list.
Order Card selection The player must play the cards in the order it appears in their deck.
Chaos Card selection The card played is selected randomly from the player's deck.
Swap Card selection One card from each player's deck is randomly swapped into the other's before the match begins.
Reverse Capture condition Switches capture conditions to make smaller numbers stronger.
Fallen Ace Capture condition Switches the ultimate "A" value to a "1" value.*(if Reverse is in play, a "1" can be captured by an "A")
Same Capture condition A card which has a number that matches the number of cards on two or more sides will capture those cards.
Plus Capture condition Adjacent numbers can be added, and if two adjacent cards have an equal sum, each card can be captured.
Combo Capture condition*(only applicable when Same and Plus are active) Any cards adjacent to ones captured by Same or Plus are contested as normal; greater number captures lower number (unless Reverse is in play).
Ascension Capture condition Cards of the same type (Beastman, Primal etc) can have their values increased for every card of the same type in play. Numbers increased to 11 are considered to have a "A" value.
Descension Capture condition Cards of the same type (Beastman, Primal etc) can have their values decreased for every card of the same type in play. Numbers decreased to "0" are considered to have a "1" value.


After unlocking Triple Triad at the Gold Saucer, players are given a starter deck, and can collect more. At its debut in A Realm Reborn, there were 80 cards in all with more planned to be added with every subsequent Heavensward version update.


Triple Triad card pack icon.

Cards can be obtained by purchasing from the Triple Triad Trader, using Triad packs, defeating NPCs in Triple Triad games, completing certain instanced duties, winning tournaments, or obtained from Jonathan after fulfilling certain achievements. Cards are randomly won from winning matches or completing instances; in the case of the latter, the card is not added to loot list, but is randomly awarded to players when the boss is defeated at the end of the duty.

Once obtained, players add the cards to their collection by using them as an item, where their stats and description may be viewed through the Gold Saucer window under "Card List." Players can obtain one of each card. Excess cards can be exchanged with the Triple Triad Trader for MGP.

When opening a card pack, a random card will be rewarded.

Card packs
Booster Cards Cost
Bronze Triad Card Spriggan, Pudding, Coblyn, Goobue, Scarface Bugaal Ja, Behemoth 520 MGP
Silver Triad Card Amal'jaa, Ixal, Sylph, Kobold, Tataru, Urianger, Minfilia, Lahabrea 1152 MGP
Gold Triad Card Momodi Modi, Baderon Tenfingers, Mother Miounne, Gerolt, Ultima Weapon, Cid Garlond, Warrior of Light, Zidane Tribal 2160 MGP
Mythril Triad Card Bartz Klauser, Brachiosaur, Coeurlregina, Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Odin, Onion Knight, Pipin Tarupin, Terra Branford, Vedrfolnir 8000 MGP
Imperial Triad Card Armored Weapon, Magitek Gunship, Magitek Predator, Magitek Sky Armor, Magitek Vanguard, Regula van Hydrus 2160 MGP
Dream Triad Card Archaeotania, Eros, Fuath, Hobgoblin, Iguana, Innocence, Leannan Sith, Oracle of Light, Philia

Storge, Titania

3240 MGP
Platinum Triad Card Ultima Weapon, Shiva, Lahabrea, Nanamo Ul Namo, Firion, Cecil Harvey, Tidus, Lightning Tournament reward
Purchased cards
Card Cost
Chocobo 600 MGP
Opo-opo 600 MGP
Moogle 840 MGP
Mossling 840 MGP
Stormblood Tataru Taru 96,000 MGP
Adamantoise 840 MGP
Chapuli 1200 MGP
Muud Suud 1500 MGP
Gold Saucer Attendant 5000 MGP
Raya-O-Senna & A-Ruhn-Senna 4,800 MGP
Godbert Manderville 9,600 MGP
Roland 10,000 MGP
Julyan Manderville 14,400 MGP
Lugus 21,000 MGP
Valens van Varro 22,400 MGP
Lunar Ifrit 22,400 MGP
Fenrir 72,000 MGP
F'lhaminn 20,000 MGP
Elidibus 56,000 MGP
Gigi 90,000 MGP
Senor Sabotender 200,000 MGP
Nanamo Ul Namo 400,000 MGP
Cloud Strife 1,000,000 MGP
Noctis Lucis Caelum 200,000 MGP


Each card is divided by a star rank, with higher stars denoting higher stats and greater rarity:

Rarity Star
Uncommon ☆☆
Rare ☆☆☆
Epic ☆☆☆☆
Legendary ☆☆☆☆☆

Players must arrange cards into a deck of five for matches, and can preset up to five decks. Alternatively, they can let the server choose a "recommended" deck at the start of a match, based on the best available cards.

A deck can only have one Epic card and one Legendary card, or two Epic cards. Initially, there were more restrictions on card rarities, which lessened as players obtained more cards. To start out with, they could only use one card of a rank higher than one star. Once 30 cards were obtained, uncommon two-star cards become unrestricted. With 60 cards, three-star cards were unrestricted.

Some cards have an icon indicating type, such as "Scion" or "Garlean," that comes into play under rules such as Ascension.



Some NPCs can be challenged to a Triple Triad match, denoted by a special icon on the map. Each has their own set rule (on top of any regional rules), and may only be available to play at certain times of day. Players can challenge each other at certain places, such as the Gold Saucer and various taverns in Eorzea.


By selecting players, challenging to Triple Triad matches is an option in several Triple Triad areas. Playing against other players does not cost MGP, but will always award MGP. The first five matches of Triple Triad a day earn additional MGP. It resets on the 12 AM JST / 7AM PST / 10AM EST / 3PM GMT.

Region Specific area Co-ordinates
Manderville Gold Saucer Throughout
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks Adventurer's Guild x11,y11
New Gridania Adventurer's Guild x11,y13
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald Adventurer's Guild x11,y9)
Eastern La Noscea Costa del Sol x33,y31
South Shroud Buscarron's Druthers x17,y19
Central Thanalan The Coffer & Coffin x19,y20
Coerthas The Observatorium x26,y28
Mor Dhona Seventh Heaven x21,y8
Idyllshire The Snail x5,y7
Ishgard - Foundation The Forgotton Knight x13,y12
Rhalgr's Reach Starfall x10,y10
Kugane Shiokaze Hostelry x10,y10
The Lochs The Ala Mhigan Quarter x35,y32
The Crystarium Throughout
Eulmore The Canopy x12,y10
Old Sharlayan Throughout
Radz-at-Han Throughout


Players can participate in tournaments to win MGP and some of the rarest cards, which occur at specific times and in specific places. Starting with Patch 3.5, they may only be played in the Triple Triad Battlehalls. Players can take part in tournament matches by registering with the Hall Assistant NPC in the Battlehall.

After players have registered for a tournament, they will be randomly matched with another player. Players will continue to be randomly matched every time a match finishes, unless they cancel their registration in the window that is displayed at the end of matches. This is done by checking the relevant option and closing the window.

  • Players will appear in the Gold Saucer Card Square after finishing tournament matches, regardless of where they started the match.
  • Players will be removed from the Battlehall 15 minutes before the end of tournaments. In the event players are in the middle of a match at this time, they will leave the Battlehall once their match has finished.
  • Players will not be paired with players they have already battled while they are in the same Battlehall.

Tournaments are played against other players with the option "Challenge to Tournament Match", and the aim of tournaments is to reach the highest score. Though NPCs within the Battlehall can be played against, matches are best played against other human players, although it is best to keep in mind that beating the same player more than once gives a lower score.

They are All Open and Plus ruleset matches. There are fifteen matches total, where all draws, wins and losses count. More tournament points are awarded than the screen displays, as points awarded are based on the point difference between players. If two players at the end of the tournament have an equal number of points, the player with more wins will ultimately place higher.

The following are tournament rewards:

Places Reward
1st Lightning Card, Cecil Harvey Card, Firion Card, or Tidus Card, and 140,000 MGP.
2nd Lightning Card,Cecil Harvey Card, Firion Card, or Tidus Card, and MGP based on rank.
3rd Lightning Card, Cecil Harvey Card, Firion Card, or Tidus Card, and MGP based on rank.
4th-6th 1 Platinum Triad Card, and MGP based on rank
Gold Spinner's Pull Card/Gold Rowena Cup Classic Card/Gold Tournament of Champions Card/Gold Durai Memorial Card (depending on tournament)
7th-10th 1 Platinum Triad Card, and MGP based on rank
Silver Spinner's Pull Card/Silver Rowena Cup Classic Card/Silver Tournament of Champions Card/Silver Durai Memorial Card (depending on tournament)
11th-20th 10,000 MGP
Bronze Spinner's Pull Card/Bronze Rowena Cup Classic Card/Bronze Tournament of Champions Card/Bronze Durai Memorial Card (depending on tournament)
Others 1,000 MGP

Additional Platinum Triad Cards may be awarded depending on MGP awarded.


Patch 3.4 added a Triple Triad Battlehall lobby to facilitate cross-server Triple Triad matches. In addition to challenging other players and NPCs directly in the Battlehall, players can also choose to be matched at random by speaking with the Hall Assistant NPCs located in each corner of the room. There is no waiting period after a match facilitated by the Hall Assistant has ended, so players may continue to register as often as they desire.

Any given Battlehall will remain open for four hours. This four hour period starts with the first person to enter the Battlehall instance. Please note that players will be unable to challenge other players or NPCs to play when there are five minutes remaining in the Battlehall.

Beggining with Patch 3.5, Triple Triad Tournaments may only be played in the Battlehall.

Musical themes[]

"Shuffle or Boogie" from Final Fantasy VIII

The original version of "Shuffle or Boogie" from Final Fantasy VIII plays while playing Triple Triad matches.