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Able to use magic 3 times


Triple is an indirect magic spell in Final Fantasy VIII. The spell gives characters the ability to cast three spells in a single turn. It can also be junctioned to greatly boost stats. Triple is a level above Double, which gives characters the abilities to cast two spells in one turn.


Triple draw point on the Island Closest to Heaven.

Triple is one of the rarest spells and can only be drawn from bosses, a few draw points and the Islands of Heaven/Hell. A good way to get Triple is from Odin if the player saves outside the Centra Ruins right before his battle so they have the maximum amount of time for drawing. The player can also get one Triple spell from Zell's "love quest" if they give Fish & Red as the answers to a "survey" held by girls at the library, and later return for the results.

The Quistis, Irvine, and Squall cards can be converted into Samantha Souls, Rocket Engines, and Three Stars, respectively, and then into Triple spells (with Diablos's Time Magic refiner); these cards, along with any other unique card (other than PuPu) can be won back from the 'CC' Card Club group during the endgame if the player finishes their sidequest before the point of no return.



Float being triple-cast.

Triple inflicts the Triple status effect, granting the target the ability to cast three spells in one turn for the duration of the full battle. It can be cast using the Magic command or Selphie's Slot Limit Break. Casting Triple in battle increases compatibility with Cerberus by 2 and with Carbuncle by 1, but lowers compatibility with Eden by 0.2.

The support ability Expendx3, granted by the Guardian Force Eden, makes it so that spells cast thrice with Triple use up only a single spell.

Triple is one of the most powerful junctioning spells, second only to Ultima. It has a massive Hit-J value at 1.5 per stock, and junctioning Triple is the only way for Irvine, Rinoa, and Quistis to achieve the cap of 255, which grants perfect accuracy. Due to this, it is better to stock Triples rather than cast them.

Griever uses Triple.

The only enemies to use Triple are Cerberus and Griever. The player should either cast Reflect on them as Triple bounces, or have Dispels ready.