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Trion I d'Oraguille.

All this talk of diplomatic liability... There are people we must defend, and an enemy we must defeat. Naught matters but that simple truth!


Trion I d'Oraguille (トリオン・I・ドラギーユ, Torion Ai Doragīyu?), Prince Royal of San d'Oria, is a non-playable Elvaan paladin in Final Fantasy XI. He is the eldest son of King Destin R d'Oraguille and commander of the Royal Knights. Though he is reputed for taking action without considering the consequences, his keen grasp of military tactics and skilled swordsmanship make him a great asset to his people.

Trion is often at odds with his brother, Prince Regent Pieuje, who prefers a more cerebral approach to the Kingdom's problems. Their younger sister, Princess Claidie, frequently intervenes to quiet their bickering. The issue of succession is sometimes raised among the siblings. Though Trion is the assumed heir to the throne, King Destin has not officially designated his successor and reserves the right to choose a new sovereign from outside the family should his children prove inadequate.


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Trion was born to King Destin and Queen Leaute I d'Oraguille, daughter of the Tavnazian Marquis, a few years before the Crystal War. Growing up in the post-war era, he and his brother would sneak out of Chateau d'Oraguille to explore the city and buy presents for toddling Claidie. This infuriated the king when he discovered them escaping, however, and their mother could not dissuade him from his rage. The incident taught Trion to fear his father but did not discourage him from future expeditions beyond the castle walls.

Soon after the queen died of a rare illness. Frustrated by their inability to save her, Trion and Pieuje became increasingly hostile toward one another. The animosity sown in the wake of Leaute's death would come to define their relationship.

As a child Trion was attended by Rahal S Lebrart, a swordsman several years his senior. The young prince's skill with a blade was too advanced to practice against nobles his own age and it was therefore necessary to duel with significantly older opponents like Rahal. Physical differences such as height undermined the training, however, and a more appropriate sparring partner was much desired.

Young Trion and Curilla, Illustration by Mitsuhiro Arita.

Roughly a decade after the Crystal War Trion met a commoner named Curilla V Mecru. She was only a year older than the prince and, like him, phenomenally talented with a sword. Overlooking her social status, Curilla was invited to Chateau d'Oraguille to practice with Trion. The two became great friends and their swordsmanship scaled to dizzying heights.

Four years later the pair entered a prominent San d'Orian tournament and faced each other in the final round. Eager to win the crowd's favor, Curilla descended upon Trion with a savage attack. The force of the blow shattered the prince's sword and sent a shard into her left eye. Although she won the event, Curilla was shamed by her actions and would subsequently conceal the blinded half of her face. Even so, Trion's opinion of her was not diminished.

Ultimately Trion assumed command of the Royal Knights with Rahal as their general. Curilla meanwhile ascended the ranks of the Temple Knights and became their leader under Pieuje's authority. She continued to spar with Trion on a regular basis and dealt him further defeats on the training grounds. These private duels compounded rumors of the prince's burgeoning affection for the knight captain.

Present Day[]

Trion FFXI Ikeda Art.jpg

Although the Crystal War is twenty years behind it, San d'Oria remains troubled by its Orcish adversaries. With the former village of La Vaule transformed into the beastman stronghold of Davoi, unending mischief emerging from Ghelsba Outpost, and a world of other threats to investigate, Trion's Royal Knights are stretched thin. At times the prince turns to the streets to rally new recruits to the nation's defense. Pieuje mocks this effort, however, believing that Trion's time would be better spent training his existing soldiers.

Disagreements between the brothers accentuate the existing rivalry between the Royal Knights, who defend San d'Oria abroad, and the Temple Knights, who guard its walls and streets. While waiting to receive intelligence from Davoi, Trion is irritated to learn that Pieuje's subordinates are also scouting the area. He sends an adventurer to retrieve the information before he is outdone by his brother. The report indicates that the Orcs had prepared an attack against San d'Oria but that their advance was being restrained by Sedal-Godjal, a Tarutaru from the Federation of Windurst. Realizing that subduing Davoi will require more than the Royal Knights, Trion opts to consult with Curilla.

She is concerned with other matters, however. A pair of brigands had broken into Queen Leaute's chambers and rummaged through her former belongings. As the Temple Knights investigate this matter another group of bandits infiltrates Chateau d'Oraguille. Already on high alert, the castle guard dispatches these intruders only to realize that they had been a diversion. During the fighting someone had stolen a talisman, kept by King Destin since the Great War, which seals the Shadow Lord and prevents his resurrection. An immediate expedition to Fei'Yin reveals that the barrier erected by the Alliance of Altana to banish this enemy has already been broken.

Trion declares that San d'Oria must preemptively strike the Northlands to rob the beastmen of any momentum gained by reviving the Shadow Lord. Halver M Borel, the royal family's chief attendant, objects on the grounds that this would place the kingdom in a difficult diplomatic position. Rahal and Curilla agree that further consultation is needed before any action can be taken. Frustrated, Trion turns away from the debate and summons a loyal adventurer to his quarters. He secretly orders a raid on Xarcabard and that the return of the Shadow Lord be prevented by all necessary means.

Though he is unaware of the full complexity of the event, Trion is elated when this mission succeeds. Pieuje is also pleased to learn that the Shadow Lord has been vanquished but takes issue with his brother's reckless antics. Wishing to avoid a senseless debate, Trion asks the king to turn their attention back to San d'Oria itself. Destin agrees that the nation has never completely recovered from the damage wrought by the Orcish Hosts and draws a parallel between their situation and that of King Ranperre, their legendary ancestor. He suggests that if they could recover Ranperre's treasure, the nature of which has been forgotten, they could restore San d'Oria to its former glory.

Trion is eager to find the Dragon King's mysterious heirloom but is advised to wait for clues from Papsque Shamonde, the kingdom's spiritual leader. Once royal scholars indicate that it might be in King Ranperre's Tomb, which lies hidden beyond a false grave, the prince sends an envoy to search the area. This reveals Ranperre's final resting place as well as an ancient tome left for his successors.

After decrypting this book, Destin explains that the treasure is Lightbringer, a sword that contains incredible power. Although its location is not indicated, the king is satisfied to know the type of object for which they search. He promptly leads his children in a procession to pay homage at Ranperre's Tomb.

While research into Lightbringer proceeds, the royal family pauses for Claidie's coming-of-age ceremony. As they depart the cathedral afterwards they are confronted by a dark-haired stranger. He boldly draws attention to the d'Oraguille tradition of revealing its darkest secrets to newly-recognized adults and supposes that Claidie must have learned how San d'Oria had betrayed Tavnazia during the Crystal War. Trion notes that the troublemaker looks familiar and the man confirms that he is Rochefogne I Tavnazia, son of the Tavnazian Marquis and brother of Queen Leaute. The prince questions this as Rochefogne was said to have died during the war. The Tavnazian mocks his doubt and, swearing to claim Lightbringer for himself, flees with Curilla and Rahal at his heels.

Having obtained new information about Ranperre's sword, Destin calls Trion and other high-ranking San d'Orians to court. A stone tablet bearing the Dragon King's instructions had been decoded by Shamonde. It states that San d'Oria will be restored when the true heir of d'Oraguille raises Lightbringer to the heavens. Destin therefore resolves to abdicate his throne to whichever of his sons is able to unsheathe the legendary blade. Both knightly orders are dispatched to bring the weapon home.

Curilla's forces succeed in obtaining Lightbringer in spite of Rochefogne's boasting at the cathedral. Trion is prepared to undertake the Rites of Succession and is confident that the sword will renew San d'Oria's greatness whether he or his brother takes the throne. Pieuje wonders whether a weapon can know the best way to rule a kingdom, however.

Before the Rites occur, Trion meets with Pieuje and Shamonde to discuss a curious elemental barrier that has appeared around the kingdom. It closely resembles a ward used in defense of Tavnazia during the war and, given that only members of the Marquisate's ruling family had known how to construct one, Trion concludes that Rochefogne is behind the phenomenon. Though it seems harmless, the papsque suggests that it be disabled since the scoundrel's motives are unknown. Shamonde therefore requests that an adventurer seek out the media which sustain the barrier.

Uninterested in having another ceremony interrupted, Trion decides that the Rites will be postponed until Rochefogne is detained. Pieuje is uncomfortable with the possibility that the Tavnazian is truly their uncle and Claidie arrives to support him. Trion initially chides her for interfering with their meeting but the princess reminds him that, having come of age, she has the right to attend. She is confident that Rochefogne is their mother's younger brother and believes that they must treat with him to determine his intentions.

The incident at the cathedral had opened Claidie's eyes to San d'Oria's choices during the Crystal War. The Royal Army had lured the Beastman Confederate to Tavnazia at great cost to the Marquisate. Trion explains that it had been a key turning point in the campaign, however, as the struggling Tavnazians had dealt considerable damage to the beastmen and bought San d'Oria time to regroup. Claidie is not satisfied that this justifies the loss of an entire nation but Trion assures her that it was a malfunctioning secret weapon of the Orcs, not San d'Oria, that had ultimately obliterated the Marquisate and its citizens. Even the beastmen themselves had been consumed by the deadly blast.

The princess reasserts that this is a conversation that should be had with Rochefogne but Trion reminds her of the hostility demonstrated at her coming-of-age. She wants to believe that this behavior was justified but Trion is sure that they will have answers once the Tavnazian is in custody. Claidie finally assents on the condition that their uncle not be harmed. Trion agrees so long as his knights are not endangered.

Once they're alone, Pieuje suggests that he and Trion deal with Rochefogne by calling upon the "Cadavres des Corneilles", a group of prisoners granted pardons in return for performing assassinations for the royal family. Trion is surprised by the idea but gives Pieuje leave to do whatever is necessary for the defense of the Kingdom. As a result the elemental barrier is destroyed and Rochefogne is cast into the sea. The Cadavres return the Tavnazian's armor as the only available proof of his demise and Claidie shuts herself in Queen Leaute's garden over her brothers' broken promise. Pieuje worries that he and his brother will not be worthy to draw Lightbringer but Trion assures him that none are more worthy than they.

The princes attend the Rites of Succession at the cathedral under heavy guard. Quoting Ranperre's instructions, Shamonde bids Trion to take Lightbringer and attempt to unsheathe it. As he grasps the sword a cry echoes through the assembly. Rochefogne, having killed the Cadavres and disguised himself as one of them, holds Claidie hostage and demands that Lightbringer be exchanged for her life. Trion consents and throws the weapon to the rogue as Claidie goes free.

Rochefogne compliments the prince on having made a wise decision but Trion dismisses this praise and wonders how the older man expects to escape the many knights around him. Though the Tavnazian is not impressed by the surrounding soldiers, he is shocked to see that Trion has another Lightbringer in hand. The prince had not anticipated Rochefogne's disguise but had prepared a duplicate sword in case he managed to appear. Having traded the rogue a replica, he prepares to draw the true sword.

As Trion exposes the blade an intense, blinding light engulfs the cathedral. Rochefogne calls to Claidie and she hurls a fistful of dreamrose pollen at her brother. The brilliance subsides and Trion drops Lightbringer in confusion. An Orc lurking on the ceiling uses the opportunity to drop down and seize Ranperre's blade. Rochefogne attempts to engage the beastman but is blown aside by contact with Lightbringer's scabbard. The orc flees as the dazzled knights come to their senses.

Shamonde unexpectedly laments the failure of the Gates of Paradise to open. He had engineered the Rites of Succession as a means of convincing Trion to draw Lightbringer because he believed doing so would transport everyone to the Realm of the Gods. Rochefogne explains that unsheathing the weapon actually causes a tremendous explosion. He had drawn it himself during the Crystal War and inadvertently destroyed Tavnazia. It had been his life's goal to prevent Lightbringer from being used again. He had consulted with Claidie in Leaute's garden so that she might use dreamroses to temporarily silence the blade if he failed to acquire it.

Trion admits that in the moment he drew the sword he had felt as though the whole world was in his palm and all its creatures were insignificant. Without Claidie's intervention he would have been consumed by its power. As Rochefogne succumbs to his injuries he requests that Lightbringer be retrieved from the Orcs and relinquished to King Ranperre's Tomb. Destin orders knights to be sent after the beastmen while everyone else regroups in the castle.

Having sent Rochefogne for medical treatment and deciphered Ranperre's true instructions, that Lightbringer be guarded and never drawn, the king discusses the situation with his court. Trion is eager to redeem himself after ignoring Claidie's pleas to negotiate with Rochefogne and allowing an Orc to abscond with the weapon. He requests command of the army so that he may put matters to rest. Destin is irritated by this conceit, however, and silences the prince. The king opts to command the army himself and sends Trion to the front lines to demonstrate the valor of the d'Oraguille family. With word that the Orcs have been tracked to the Qu'Bia Arena, he dismisses all assembled to their respective duties.

Arriving at Fei'Yin, Trion learns that Orcish leaders have established a stronghold inside. He offers his soldiers an opportunity to leave if they fear for their families but suggests that there may be no home to which they can retreat if Lightbringer remains with the Orcs. As his soldiers resolve to stay, the prince orders the Royal and Temple Knights to guard the exits while he presses inward to confront the enemy leadership.

Rahal objects out of concern for prince's safety and is reminded that Pieuje remains to lead San d'Oria if Trion does not survive. Curilla states that she has unfinished business with Trion and that she expects him to return promptly. Returning this sentiment, he attempts to avoid an additional farewell from Pieuje. His brother simply explains that he already foresees Trion's victory, however, and casts a magical ward on the paladin as he departs.

Trion finds an adventurer already fighting in the arena and facing Warlord Rojgnoj, the Orcish commander. Announcing himself as the true heir to the throne of San d'Oria, the prince draws his sword and joins the fray. As the remaining beastmen fall, Rojgnoj explains the hatred his people bear for Lightbringer. It annihilated many Orcs in Tavnazia and they had hoped to permanently destroy it. The dying warlord suggests that if the Elvaan dispose of the weapon they might even have peace between their races in the future.

With Lightbringer in hand, Trion rejoins the knights and they march back to San d'Oria. After meeting with Rochefogne and discussing his story in greater detail, the royal family ventures to Ranperre's Tomb. The spirit of Ranperre himself appears before them and accepts Lightbringer from his descendants. The sword vanishes with its master and its destructive power is safely sealed.

Back at Chateau d'Oraguille, Destin calls upon his court and announces that the Rites of Succession will be prolonged indefinitely. His sons have much to learn about ruling a kingdom and he still reserves the right to choose an outsider to take the throne if his children fail to impress. The sovereign resolves to defy the arrogance that plagues the Elvaan and embrace other races to build a stronger kingdom.

Having solved the Lightbringer crisis, Trion would prefer to continue fighting on the front lines and rout the Orcs from Davoi. He is detained by responsibilities at the castle, however, and looks to the future for opportunities to take to the field again.

Treasures of Aht Urhgan[]

Trion as Raillefal.

Trion notices a mercenary recruiter from the Empire of Aht Urhgan in Southern San d'Oria. Intrigued, he decides to slip out of the castle at night, travel east to Mhaura, and take a ferry across the ocean to see the Empire for himself. Disguised in a golden version of his usual armor, he travels under the alias "Raillefal" and claims to be a former member of the Temple Knights. Arriving in Al Zahbi, he enlists as a sentinel in Naja Salaheem's company and is promptly sent to deliver a supplies package to a member of the Immortal Lions.

Naja teases Trion for his sloth when he finally returns from this errand. She pretends to have forgotten his name so that he will write it for her and then transforms the parchment bearing his signature into a contract. The mercenary president continues to mispronounce the prince's alias, however, and offers him the unimpressive rank of Private Second Class. Irritated, he nearly blows his cover while demanding to be addressed with respect. He leaves to tour the city before Naja can goad him again.

Trion notes that Aht Urhgan gathers mercenaries with a desperate fervor and is faced by particularly vicious beastmen but has a strangely small standing army. Appreciating his curiosity, a Qiqirn named Cacaroon informs him of the Astral Candescence and Trion visits the Walahra Temple to see it for himself. Entry is refused, however, and his attempt to interrogate a servant of Walahra bears no fruit.

He visits the Shararat Teahouse to meet with Gessho, a Yagudo ninja with similar interest in the Empire. They discuss the Astral Wind that radiates from the candescence and brings prosperity to those that experience it. Trion supposes that the artifact, which is much desired by Aht Urhgan's enemies, is not worth the lives lost in its defense. Uncomfortable with the prince's conjecture, Gessho excuses himself.

An adventurer from the Middle Lands approaches Trion claiming to know his secret. He attempts to reassert his identity as a former Temple Knight turned mercenary but allows too much information to slip. Amazed that anyone could pierce his disguise, Trion salvages the situation by compelling the traveler to deliver a letter to Halver. He thereby passes everything he had learned about the Astral Candescence to San d'Oria.

Trion encounters Gessho again and uses the opportunity to discuss Aht Urhgan's conflict with the Far East. After decades of fighting the trench warfare between them had reached a stalemate and Trion muses about the Empire's strategic options. Gessho is once more discomforted as a mercenary would not normally say such things. Trion admits his carelessness but points out that his companion is also suspiciously well-informed for a supposedly Mindartian Yagudo.

The conversation is interrupted as they notice someone stalking them. They discover Travialce, a San d'Orian knight, and Trion realizes that he has failed to elude his countrymen. Bidding a fond farewell to Gessho, he hastens home.

Events in Aht Urhgan grow increasingly tumultuous in his absence. The Empress is deposed and the nations of the Middle Lands grow concerned that the ancient technology slumbering in the Near East will soon threaten the entire world. Trion therefore journeys to the Grand Duchy of Jeuno to represent San d'Oria in the Alliance's deliberations. Though the prince normally favors military action, he opposes invasion of Aht Urhgan and suggests that the Empress may regain control with support from the west. Eventually the council decides to send a small, covert task force to the Empire and Trion assigns two veteran knights to the effort.

Once Aht Urhgan's Empress is restored to power, a ceremony is held and foreign dignitaries are invited to attend. Trion declines a return to the east, however, and sends Monarlais Halver in his place. The prince thereby avoids an encounter with Naja Salaheem, who remains furious that the mercenary Raillefal has deserted her company.

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Trion battle (FFXI).png

Trion can be fought as part of the Hero's Combat special event. During this encounter he may coordinate with Volker in an attempt to Skillchain on adventurers.

As an ally, Trion fights alongside players in San d'Oria Mission 9-2: The Heir to the Light against the final boss of the Kingdom's storyline. He joins the party in the battle's second phase when Warlord Rojgnoj appears on the field with Rojgnoj's Left Hand and Rojgnoj's Right Hand. True to his paladin nature, Trion engages in close combat with a sword and shield while occasionally casting White Magic. Trion's survival is key to completion of the mission. The battle is automatically considered lost if he falls.

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Trion appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Lightning-elemental Backup and Forward cards.

Triple Triad[]

233a Prince Trion.png

Trion appears on a Triple Triad card in the version playable via Final Fantasy Portal App.

Behind the scenes[]

Trion came in fifteenth place in a Final Fantasy XI NPC Popularity Contest held by Square Enix in June 2013. Current players of the game were given an opportunity to vote for their favorite NPC and share ideas for stories involving these characters.