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Trigger Commands (トリガーコマンド, Torigā Komando?) are special commands in Final Fantasy X used in battles against certain bosses to produce various effects unique to that boss. Usually, only certain characters may use Trigger Commands.

List of commandsEdit

Command Battle Effect Used By Image
Stand By Tros The character recovers 50 HP. Tidus, Rikku
Pincer Attack Tros Rikku and Tidus corner Tros to prevent it from swimming away and utilizing its Nautilus Charge. Tidus FFX Pincer Attack
Use Crane Oblitzerator When Lulu has cast Thunder enough times on the crane. The crane picks up and drops the boss, doing damage equal to 15/16ths of its current HP and disabling its Blitzball Rush attack. Tidus FFX Use Crane
Talk Seymour, Seymour Natus, Seymour Flux and Braska's Final Aeon Against Seymour, Talk will raise a specific stat for the character. In the battle against Braska's Final Aeon, Talk will drain its Overdrive meter, but only works twice. Tidus, Yuna, and Wakka (Seymour)
Tidus, Yuna, and Auron (Seymour Natus)
Yuna and Kimahri (Seymour Flux)
Tidus (Braska's Final Aeon)
FFX Talk
Pull Back Airship battles (except Sin) Gives Cid the order to move further away from the enemy on his next round. At greater distances both the party and the enemy are limited to long-range attacks and magic to fight. If Cid gets another turn before Evrae, he will attack with Guided Missiles. Tidus, Rikku FFX Pull Back Command
Move In Airship battles (except Sin) Gives Cid the order to move closer to the enemy on his next round. At closer distances both the party and the enemy can use any attacks. Tidus, Rikku FFX Move In Command
Cancel Airship battles (except Sin) To cancel an order, use the Cancel command before Cid takes his turn. Tidus, Rikku
Open Lock Evrae Altana Opening two locks allows the party to flee, healing any shattered party members and essentially continue the fight. Tidus, Rikku or Wakka FFX Open Lock
Move Spectral Keeper Moves a party member to one of the unoccupied platforms surrounding the boss. All party members FFX Move Command
Struggle Geosgaeno (2nd encounter) The swallowed character attacks the boss for heavy damage, but Geosgaeno retaliates by regurgitating the character, doing heavy damage to them. Tidus, Rikku, or Wakka FFX Struggle
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