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Trickplay is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII. They are fought on the grassy areas of the Icicle Area on the world map, and in the fourth round of the Battle Square after the player has acquired the Highwind and Cloud Strife has rejoined the party. When fought on the Battle Square its stats are enhanced with double the normal HP and its Attack and Magic Attack are increased by 25%.



# Formation
193 Trickplay,
194 Trickplay A, A, Trickplay B, B
195 Trickplay A, A, Trickplay B, B (Back Attack)
661 Row 1: Trickplay,
Row 2: Boundfat A, Boundfat B
662 Trickplay A, A, Trickplay B, B


Icicle Area
Grass 193, 194, 195 (Back Attack)
Forgotten City
Giant Conch Shell 661, 662
Battle Square (with Highwind available)
Group A - Battle 4 194
Group B - Battle 4 661


Trickplays use a variety of low to mid-power elemental attacks, but none of them are truly dangerous. L4 Suicide can be devastating to characters at a level that is a multiple of four, because reduces target's HP by 31/32 and inflicts Small on all party members. Gold Mountain is weak, but increases the amount of gil the party obtains from the Trickplay. In fact, one can gain infinite gil from a Trickplay encounter; every time Trickplay uses it, it increases the gil yield by 800. Its Hot Springs attack can heal one party member, but it is seldom used.

There is a 2/23 chance that L4 Suicide is used in battle and can be learned as an Enemy Skill. It is also effective against the Trickplay.

AI scriptEdit

AI: Main {

Choose Random Opponent
1/23 Chance: Use Hot Springs on Target
4/23 Chance: Use <Rock Toss> on Target
4/23 Chance: Use Sewer on Target
4/23 Chance: Use Sinking on Target
4/23 Chance:
Use Gold Mountain on Target
Trickplay's Gil Value = Trickplay's Gil Value + 800
4/23 Chance: Use Magma on Target
2/23 Chance: Use L4 Suicide on Target

} AI: Counter - Death {

Remove Trickplay's Base



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