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Triangle Island is an island in Final Fantasy VI. It is located in the northeast corner of the map in both worlds.



World of Balance[]

  • Leaf Bunny x2, Darkwind
  • Leaf Bunny x2, Darkwind x2
  • Intangir

World of Ruin[]



The party battling the Intangir.

In the World of Balance, a powerful enemy called the Intangir can be commonly found on Triangle Island. The Intangir is easily the most powerful enemy in the World of Balance—it begins every battle in Sleep and Invisible status, making physical attacks miss. If struck with a spell to remove Invisible, the Intangir awakens and will attack the party with Meteor, then put itself back to sleep, which also restores Invisible status.

The Intangir has few tangible rewards for defeating it, so doing so is largely a matter of bragging rights.

Enter the Zone Eater[]

The Zone Eater inhaling a party member.

In the World of Ruin, Triangle Island is the home of the Zone Eater, a giant worm that can eat party members. If all four party members are eaten, they surface in the Zone Eater's Belly. Surviving the various traps in the area allows the player to recruit the optional character Gogo.