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Ace performing a Triad Maneuver with Deuce and Trey.

Triad Maneuver,[1] called Trinity Attack (三位一体, Sanmi Ittai?, lit. Trinity) in Japanese, is a special attack featured in Final Fantasy Type-0. Similar to Bands in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Triad Maneuvers require three party members to team up and execute.

Upon being activated, the party leader releases a shockwave damaging nearby enemies and inflicting Stop, and both allies unleash a powerful attack. A short window appears where the leader's regular attack is replaced with their Triad Maneuver skill, and they can unleash their own powerful attack in conjunction with the other two. This fully consumes the party leader's AG, but allies will retain theirs. The Aura status can further increase damage dealt.

Triad Maneuvers can be selected over summons in missions to avoid sacrificing the leader. These combination moves don't deal as much damage as summons, but can be used multiple times. Unlike summons and the Vermilion Bird spell, Triad Maneuvers can be used outside of missions. In the HD Remaster, they can break the 9999 damage limit.

List of Triad Maneuvers[]

The Triad Maneuvers for each character are: