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tri-Ace, Inc. (株式会社トライエース, Kabushiki Gaisha Toraiēsu?) is a video game developer based in Tokyo, Japan. Founded in March 1995 by former members of Telnet Japan, the company's name comes from the "three aces" who formed it, which include programmer Yoshiharu Gotanda, game designer Masaki Norimoto, and director Joe Asanuma.

The company has had a long working relationship with Enix, who published many of their early games on the Super Nintendo and PlayStation, and are perhaps best known for their RPG series Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile. Following the merger between Enix and Square in 2003, many of their titles began to fall under the new Square Enix banner, which eventually led to the company cooperating with SE to co-develop Final Fantasy XIII-2 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

In February 2015, tri-Ace was bought by Nepro Japan, a mobile game company based in Japan.[1]

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