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Trepies forever, baby. Man, I wanna go out with her.

Garden Square message board

Trepies refers to a possibly unofficial student-run fan club in Final Fantasy VIII. Running in Balamb Garden, the club is a multi-gendered club named after and devoted to Instructor Quistis Trepe, an 18-year-old SeeD prodigy who has graduated and remained to teach the students despite her young age.

The club focuses on the idolization of Quistis Trepe, actively cheering for her, protecting her from criticism, and following her along in her activities. Quistis, for her part, ignores them and makes no mention of even being aware of their existence.


Currently standing at twenty-eight members, a number of the Trepies can be encountered while roaming the halls of Balamb Garden. In fact three are in Squall Leonhart's class and make no effort in hiding their disdain when Quistis offers to accompany Squall in finishing his exams in the Fire Cavern.

A small table of Trepies can also be encountered in the Garden cafeteria as well as one notable Trepie, calling himself Trepie Groupie #1, appearing on the Garden Square Message Boards.

Squall can obtain an overview of Quistis's combat stats in comparison to his own (No. of KOs, No. of times being KO'd, No. of times escaping from battle) by talking with one of the Trepies members in Trepe's classroom.


Quistis's Triple Triad card can be obtained by playing Triple Triad with any of the Trepies, either the girls in the classroom or the guy in the cafeteria.

If the player talks to the Trepies girls in the classroom as Irvine (possible during the Irvine sidequest in FH) they ask if he wants to join the Trepies.

Behind the scenes[]

Since the game's release in 1999, real-world fans of Quistis Trepe have also been knowingly referred to as Trepies.

The term "Trepies" is based on the term "Trekkies," which refers to members of the Star Trek fandom.