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Treno Auction House, also known as King's House, is a location in the city of Treno in Final Fantasy IX. The party can bid for both normal and key items, and the former usually come in the form of add-ons, such as Dark Matter and Reflect Ring. The auction house is owned by the mysterious noble known as "King".


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Garnet spots Kuja at the auction house.

Kuja seems to be a regular, and may in fact be the owner. The auctioneer inquires in his interest in Garnet in a servant-like manner, so one might assume Kuja has brought a great deal of money to the auction house. Freya also mentions he may be King, the owner of the mansion.

Amarant was once a guard in the auction house but was fired when Zidane inadvertently framed him after an attempt at thievery. This makes Amarant a wanted man throughout Treno with posters showing his likeness at the inn.

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An auction generally has two key items and two pieces of equipment, usually add-ons. The key items bought in the auction can almost always be sold to the nobles walking around Treno, and it is easy to make a profit on an item. A useful way to avoid a bidding war is to bid after the auctioneer's asks "Any more?" right before he declares the item sold. This temporarily halts the countdown but helps avoid most of the bidding.

Nobles talk about the auction goods from FFIX Remastered.png

The NPCs whose conversation the player can listen in on outside the synthesis shop in Treno, clue the player in on the current top auction prize, and give the tip that the top prize could be cheaper if the nobleman who sits in the front row already used his money to buying some of the three previously available auction items, as the nobleman in the front row always bids on the main attraction.

The Elixir is removed from the auction if more than five are present in the party's inventory. Some items are only up for auction if the player has none in the inventory (see auction list below); this can be bypassed by equipping said items to party members. This means the player can get a total of 9 copies of these items from the Auction House by equipping one on each party member.

Magical Fingertip in the auction house.

The key item Magical Fingertip won in the auction can be given to the old man near the inn in Daguerreo to obtain Excalibur, a sword for Steiner. The player must first talk to the man to make Magical Fingertip appear in the auction, and the player needs to have bought Une's Mirror, Doga's Artifact, Griffin's Heart, and the Rat Tail, and sold them in the town to make the Magical Fingertip available. These items can be sold to the nobleman and adventurer that walk around the Bishop's House and the scholar in the synthesis shop.

Doga's Artifact and Une's Mirror can be taken to the Black Mage Village's gramophone to play "Doga and Unei" from Final Fantasy III. Aside from these uses, owning these key items can boost the Treasure Hunter Rank.

Winning ten items from the auction house yields the Auctioneer achievement/trophy in the newest releases of the game.


Item Starting Price Estimated Price Availability
Griffin's Heart 1,000 6,100 Unique key item.
Doga's Artifact 1,400 8,500 Unique key item.
Une's Mirror 2,200 11,000 Unique key item.
Reflect Ring 2,200 15,000 Sold only once.
Mini-Cid 500 2,500 Unique key item, and part of the Mini-Figurines set. Sold only once.
Magician Robe 1,200 7,700 Infinite amount.
Fairy Earrings 1,400 9,500 Infinite amount.
Madain's Ring 1,300 8,700 Infinite amount.
Pearl Rouge 2,500 17,100 Infinite amount.
Magical Fingertip 8,900 49,200 Key item. Only shows up endgame, after buying Doga's Artifact, Une's Mirror, Rat Tail, and Griffin's Heart first, and selling them to citizens. Must also speak to an old man in Daguerreo to make it appear. Sold only once.
Promist Ring 4,300 24,500 After getting Blue Narciss. Only sold if player has none in their inventory.
Thief Gloves 4,500 19,900 After getting Blue Narciss. Sold only once.
Feather Boots 2,600 15,000 After party returns from Outer Continent. Only sold if player has none in their inventory.
Rat Tail 3,300 17,500 Unique key item. After party returns from Outer Continent.
Anklet 2,500 17,000 After party returns from Outer Continent. Only sold if player has none in their inventory.
Elixir 5,200 36,000 Only sold if player has five or fewer in their inventory.
Dark Matter 2,700 19,300 After party returns from Outer Continent. Sold only once.
Ribbon 12,400 80,000 At endgame. Sold only once.

Selling key items to citizens of Treno[]

After purchasing some of the key items in the auction, they can be sold to the nobles for a profit. Once sold, the items will reappear in the auction. The player can choose to decline the first offer to get a higher price (it will not work for Doga's Artifact).

Item Person 1st offer 2nd offer
Griffin's Heart Adventurer at Cafe. 8,000 10,000
Doga's Artifact Scholar in Synthesis Shop. 10,000 N/A
Une's Mirror Nobleman at Cafe. 12,000 15,000
Rat Tail Adventurer at Cafe. 20,000 25,000

These items cannot be sold to their respective NPCs again when won a second time from the Treno Auction House. Reacquisition is only advised if the player is working on the Treasure Hunter Rank, or if they wish to use the gramophone in the Black Mage Village.

Behind the scenes[]

Treno auctioneer.

The Treno Auction House auctioneer has a symbol on him that may be the currency symbol for gil on Gaia. The painting at the back of the house is of Jesus Christ being lowered after having been taken off the cross.


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