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You are the paragon of pastlessness.

Trema to Yuna, after his defeat

Trema is a non-player character from Final Fantasy X-2 who can be investigated through a sidequest in Via Infinito. Trema was the leader of and founder of New Yevon. He can become a party member in the International and HD Remaster versions.



Trema in Via Infinito.

Trema is an old man dressed in a ripped Yevon priest outfit. He is fast and agile, despite his age. He shares the same model as the unsent priest in Zanarkand Dome in Final Fantasy X.


Trema believes that humans are hopelessly entangled with their past so he had to destroy the spheres documenting Spira's history for them for society to move on to the future.


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In the two years after Sin's defeat, Trema, a former denizen of Yevon, wished to learn more about Spira's history, hidden all over the world in the form of spheres. He created sphere hunting, which soon became a popular craze among young people, and sphere hunters began searching Spira for lost spheres. Trema founded New Yevon to bring stability back to Bevelle and those people who had fallen out of touch. Unbeknownst to everyone, however, Trema was an unsent who had falsified his title as an "Unaffiliated Yevon Priest" to infiltrate the heart of Yevon.[2]

Monster Arena.

Trema's true objective for having people collect spheres was not to "find the truths of Spira", but to erase the past. He took over the Monster Arena from Lord Mi'ihen (who had founded it 800 years ago) to carry on his aspirations of using the facility to train the Crusaders. Trema observed that whenever Sin was defeated, the Crusaders—who now had nowhere to use their training—sought conflicts, which caused him great despair. He surmised that what they needed was not physical, but spiritual training and labeled himself a Yevonite, and began urging people to "pursue the truth" (through sphere hunting) and founded New Yevon.[2] As his philosophy was that "people must rid themselves of the past to become stronger", Trema took the spheres New Yevon had gathered and destroyed them in the depths of Bevelle in a place called Via Infinito, his rationale being that people must discard the past to face the future.

An illusion of Zanarkand created by Trema.

Trema never resurfaced, and New Yevon elected a chairman who continued the good work Trema had begun, unaware that their founder was still in the Via Infinito where he, as a powerful unsent, was able to control even the mightiest of fiends.

The Gullwings venture into the Via Infinito, and upon reaching the final cloister and defeating Paragon, Trema appears and dispatches the fiend before challenging the party. Paine theorizes that even though Trema entered the Via Infinito a year before their arrival, he may have been dead and unsent long before his descent into the cloisters.


Creature Creator[]

Trema can be recruited into the party through the Creature Creator once defeated in the International and HD Remaster versions. He fights roughly the same as he does during his boss battle, though the speed of his attacks is nearly doubled.


FFX-2INTLMPS2 Trema Battle Idle.png

Trema is one of the most difficult enemies in Final Fantasy X-2, and is fought in the depths of the cloisters in Via Infinito. He is regarded as the game's superboss.

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Musical themes[]

"New Yevon Party"

"New Yevon Party" plays during the battle against Trema.

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Behind the scenes[]


His English voice actor is David Rasner, who also provides the voice for Brother.


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