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The Tree of Mana.

I hear that the Tree of Mana is very beautiful...

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The Tree of Mana (マナの樹, Mana no Ki?) is an important plot element in Final Fantasy Adventure and its sequels. It rests at the peak of Mt. Illusia, and is the source of all life in the world. Legend says that he who touches the tree will obtain ultimate power, and two of the game's antagonists, Dark Lord and Julius, strive to reach the tree by any means necessary.


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High above the cloud towers Mount Illusia, and the Tree of Mana is enshrined on the top of the mountain. From the Mana Tree gushes out the Waterfall—the source of all life in the world.

The Tree of Mana grows on the energy of will emitted by all things in the world. The Mana Tree flourishes in beauty when the spirits of the people are pure, and the water springing out from its roots purifies the minds of people even more. However, once the Mana Tree is contaminated with an evil influence, the water springing from the roots becomes tinged with evil force. The foul water darkens people's minds, and their evil energy returns to the Mana Tree changing it into an even more deadly existence. This vicious circle goes on and on, until the world is totally corrupted, ultimately meeting its destruction. The Mana Shrine is a sacred place where no man should tread.

However, there were people who dared to enter the sacred area. They knew that those who touch the Tree of Mana would receive a great power to last for eternity.

The Emperor of Vandole once used the power of Mana for evil purposes, but Vandole's evil purpose were stopped by both the Knights of Gemma and the Mana Family, the keepers of the Tree of Mana after a long and hard battle. They were able to restore peace to the world.

The Mana Family feared the power of the Mana Tree may be misused again, and sealed the way to the Shrine in the Pendant of Mana. To open the way to the shrine, the Pendant, as well as the supernatural powers of the Mana Family became necessary.

And now—the Empire of Glaive, headed by Dark Lord and his sorcerer Julius. Dark Lord is the evil-loving leader of Glaive. His companion Julius, is a man of mystery, who seems to know much about the secrets of the Mana Tree and the Pendant.

Julius eventually acquirers both the Pendant and Fuji, and after she utters some mystic gibberish. The waterfall reverse,and both he and Fuji ascend the waterfall.

Sumo eventually reaches Mount Illusia through the waterfall himself, and passing through the Temple of Mana he reaches the Mana Shrine. Before reaching the Mana Tree, he meets Fuji's Mother, and transforms the rusty sword into Excalibur before disappearing. Sumo, prepared, heads forward to confront Julius.

Both Julius and Fuji stand before the great Tree of Mana went Sumo arrives, telling him that he's late since he's got the power of Mana. Julius fights Sumo in a duel, a three against one duel. After Sumo defeats all three, Julius exclaims that he'll see the true power of Mana now. Julius reappears in monster form, and the battle resume once again.

After Julius second defeat, Sumo tells Fuji that Julius is defeated and its all over. Julius' voice is heard telling them its not over yet. He tells Sumo that he'll never leave here alive and traps them. Julius appears before them in a newer and more powerful form, attacking them both.

When Sumo delivers the final blow, the Tree of Mana disappears. Fuji wonders what she's suppose to do now when her mother appears before them. She tells them that now the tree is lost, they now need a gemma of the Mana Tree. She tells her to remember what she told before, that they are the seeds of the Mana Tree. They will be a bud called Gemma and they become a tree and the Gemma Knights fight to guard it. Fuji's Mother became the Gemma last time when they lost the tree. Fuji ask if that tree was her, and she confirms it. But, Fuji is the last member of the Mana Family. To preserve the Mana Tree, they need her to stay here and become the Gemma, but nobody else can decide what she can do with her life but herself.

Fuji decides to stay and become the new Mana Tree, but worries that if she's the last one left and when she falls. Her mother tells her that will be the end of the peace. Fuji and Sumo say their goodbyes, but reassures him that she will be here as long as he protects her from the evil. Fuji's Mother tells Sumo to guard her daughter as he's the only Gemma Knight for the Tree now. Before she withers, she ask Sumo to tell her Gemma Knights that she said goodbye and give her thanks to them. Sumo and Fuji share a last goodbye before her mother and her slowly vanishes from Sumo's sight.

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Mana is an indigenous Pacific Islander concept of an impersonal force (false ego) or quality that resides in people, animals, and inanimate objects.

The Tree of Mana is based on the concept of a world tree. The world tree is a motif present in several religions and mythologies, particularly Indo-European religions, Siberian religions, and Native American religions. The world tree is represented as a colossal tree which supports the heavens, thereby connecting the heavens, the terrestrial world, and, through its roots, the underworld. It may also be strongly connected to the motif of the tree of life.