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After waving good-bye to Reynn and Lann, Rikku hitches a ride with her new friend Addy across the Low Seas in search of treasure. They arrive at Treasure Island, where Rikku makes landfall...

Quest summary

Treasure Island, Ahoy! is an Intervention quest in World of Final Fantasy. It becomes available after clearing Chapter 10, meeting Rikku, and completing the quest, The Girl Who Forgot Her Name.


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After leaving the twins, Addy the Adamantoise agrees to give Rikku a ride to her next destination. Asked where she's directing them to, Rikku replies she's headed for Treasure Island, calling it a paradise full of treasure chests. Rikku says how she's glad she ran into Addy because the currents were too strong for her to swim. Addy wonders if treasure hunting is really as fun as she says considering she would be risking her life to reach the place. Rikku says it is, talking about how she'll be the first person to handle the treasure in years. Addy says he understands, remembering that he had that same spark many years ago. Rikku offers to let him join her. Wishing he could, he says he can't survive outside the Low Seas. Rikku then spots the island.

Landing, Rikku gleefully eyes the chests and thanks Addy for the ride. Addy says it was no trouble and asks how she'll get home. Rikku assumes that with everything around, there will be something there that will help. She then suggests he take something as well. Figuring there must be something good in the chest, she runs over to open it. Before she can, the chests reveal themselves to be Mimic traps. Addy rushes over to help Rikku.

After the battle, Addy remarks on how her job is full of surprises and asks if Rikku plans to continue despite the danger. She says of course, she can't stop now, as her "trejjies" need her. Addy says he understands and wishes her a safe and fruitful journey and heads back out to sea. Rikku again thanks him and says she see him again soon.

Alone, Addy remarks about how Rikku seemed like she was having fun and wonders if his kin have been missing out. He thinks that maybe it's time they have an adventure of their own, wondering if the twins could help them.

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The battle consists of 3 Mimics. First time completion of this quest rewards the Adamantoise Memento and x2 Dragon Scale with subsequent completions rewarding x1 Fish Scale.