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Main Scenario 012: Treachery of the Gods (12回目の戦い, 12 Kaime no Tatakai?, lit. The 12th Battle) is the name of the initial story mode in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. Each chapter is unlocked by completing the one before. Completing the Epilogue unlocks Light to All, and unlocks Confessions of the Creator in the PP Catalog.


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Early in the 12th cycle, Lightning, Kain, Laguna, Yuna, Vaan and Tifa are travelling back to Order's Sanctuary when they are summoned by Cosmos. Cosmos imbues them with her power and tells them to fight, as eventually her power will manifest as a Crystal for each of them, which will give them great strength. Lightning, Laguna, Tifa and Vaan set out together, but are confronted by strange enemies called Manikins. A confrontation with Kuja separates Lightning from the others, and she soon finds that Kain has struck down Bartz, and that a large horde of Manikins is about to sweep over the land.

As the group tries to fight their way back to Sanctuary, Laguna discovers from the Cloud of Darkness that the Manikins are emerging from a portal to The Void. At Order's Sactuary, the Warrior of Light tells Lightning that Kain is striking down his allies to save them from permanent defeat at the hands of the Manikins - once they are incapacitated he is hiding them away to await awakening in the next cycle. Unwilling to accept this plan, the group heads out to find the portal the Manikins are emerging from and close it, the Warrior of Light remaining behind to protect Cosmos from the approaching Manikin army. Tifa and Kain meet up with the four and agree to assist them.

At the portal, Kain being forced to remain behind to battle Exdeath along the way, the five remaining warriors defeat five of the Warriors of Chaos who appear to stop them. Kain rejoins them, and the group rushes into battle against a large force of Manikins, while at the same time the Warrior of Light fights to protect Cosmos from the Manikin army now at Order's Sanctuary. The six warriors at the portal fall in battle, but they succeed in closing the portal and destroying many Manikins. The weakened Warrior of Light is saved from an attacking Manikin by Cosmos, who expends her power to destroy the rest of the army. At this time, Shinryu descends, teleporting the various fallen warriors to another dimension where he absorbs their memories and revives them. The six at the portal, have expended all their strength to close it, fade away, and Shinryu departs. The Warrior of Light reappears at Order's Sanctuary and collapses, marking the end of the 12th cycle and the beginning of the 13th.

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Prologue - Path to Sanctuary[]

In this chapter, player controls Lightning.

Chapter 1 - A New Threat[]

In this chapter, player controls Lightning.

Chapter 2 - Stern Eyes[]

In this chapter, player controls Vaan.

Chapter 3 - Clues[]

In this chapter, player controls Laguna.

Chapter 4 - Where Memories Wait[]

In this chapter, player controls Yuna.

Chapter 5 - Decision[]

In this chapter, player controls Lightning.

Chapter 6 - Indiscernible Truth[]

In this chapter, player controls Kain.

Chapter 7 - Ally[]

In this chapter, player controls Tifa.

Epilogue - An Undocumented Battle[]

In this chapter, player sets up a party consists of all the characters, and Kain as an Assist.