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Heya! I'm a traveling merchant...ever searching the world for rare and wonderful items.
—Traveling Merchant

The traveling merchant appears in the Finest Fantasy for Advance, mobile and Steam versions of Final Fantasy V. The party will first meet him in the Sealed Temple. To unlock the Sealed Temple, the player will have to acquire all the tablets. The temple is underwater, south of the Phantom Village. There will be bubbles on the surface of the sea, and going underwater reveals the rift. After meeting the traveling merchant, he can be found throughout the Merged World in equipment shops where he will sell ammunition for the Cannoneer job.


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After being sucked inside the rift, the party finds three crystal fragments containing the Oracle, Gladiator, and Cannoneer jobs. Upon leaving, a traveling merchant will enter and introduce himself, stating he's searching the world for rare and wonderful items. His ship was caught in a storm and washed up in he rift. On the bright side of things, a mysterious cavern under the sea is bound to be full of loot, or so he figured.

The merchant notices the crystal fragments, exclaiming they are the rarest of the rare. He asks if the party understands the powers hidden inside the shards, but they don't have a clue. The traveling merchant goes into great detail and explains what their newly found jobs do.

The merchant would love to offer help to get the party started by selling ammo, but he is sold out. He is heading to his supplier, and afterward would be happy to help with all the party's ammunition needs. The merchant mentions he's always on the go, so the party should be on the lookout when they are in towns or castles. He's usually lurking around the equipment shops since he's got to keep tabs on the competition. Hoping this is the beginning of a profitable relationship, the merchant bids the party farewell.

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Name Cost
Buckshot 200 gil
Blastshot 500 gil
Blitzshot 800 gil
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