FFXII wiki icon Traveler's Tips are general hints and tips to help new players in Final Fantasy XII. It serves as in-game help and will explain several useful things, such as weapon properties, chains, etc. They can be read in the Clan Primer.

Tricks of the TradeEdit

The Clan PrimerEdit

The clan primer is divided into four sections, each with much to offer seasoned adventurer and novice alike:

  1. Hunts
    See here information on hunts accepted. A good place to come when you've forgotten what it is you were supposed to do next.
  2. Bestiary
    A collection of sundry notes on foes defeated. Check it frequently! You never know when you might find something of use.
  3. Sky Pirate's Den
    A lively hideout that becomes all the more lively as it fills with tokens commemorating your feats!
  4. Traveler's Tips
    Important tips on how to make your way across Ivalice. Check in early and often!

Restoring MPEdit

Casting magicks consumes MP. Should you lack the MP required to cast a magick, even one you have learned, you will be unable to cast it.

Here are some ways to restore MP:

  1. Walking or Running
    MP gradually regenerates as you walk. The fewer remaining MP a character has, the faster they will regenerate.
  2. Examine a save crystal
    Examining a save crystal restores all MP.
  3. Use Items
    By using the Battle Menu to select an ether or similar item, a large amount of MP can be restored instantly, consuming the item used in the process. Different items restore varying amounts of MP.

Teleport: Travel Made EasyEdit

Some save crystals glow with an orange light. These are gate crystals.

Should you investigate a gate crystal with a teleport stone in your inventory, you will be able to access the teleport menu. This menu lists the gate crystals you have visited in other lands. You may teleport to any of these locations at the cost of one teleport stone.

A More Comfortable JourneyEdit

Adventuring isn't all sunshine and lemoncakes. Here are two simple trick that can serve to ease the burden of your journey.

Keep your bearings

Press the L3 button, and you'll be able to keep the Location Map open while moving, allowing you to find your way through dark forests and winding labyrinths with ease. Out of the woods? Just press the L3 button once more to put the map away.

Speed Mode

While traveling, press the L1 button at any time to enter Speed Mode. In Speed Mode, the game will move faster, allowing you to traverse great distances in a relatively short span of time.

When you're ready to slow things down again, simply press L1 to return to normal speed.

The Ways of WarEdit

Foe Look: Stay on TargetEdit

Hold down L1 to keep your target in the middle of the screen. This is called target lock.

Target locking is extremely useful when you want to keep an eye on a target in the heat of battle.

Escape Mode: Run Away!Edit

Hold down R2 to flee from battle.

Fleeing causes party members to cease all actions and run for their lives.

Be warned: fleeing cancels all actions in progress, be they gambits, magicks, or technicks. Note also that fleeing characters cannot block, so be prepared to take some hits when fleeing from battle.

Fleeing also calls back any party members who have wandered off. use it to regroup should your forces become scattered.

Target Info: Know Thine EnemyEdit

The window which appears in the upper left of the screen when something is targeted is called the Target Info window. When a foe is targeted in battle, this window shows the foes name, HP, and weaknesses.

Note that though two foes might look the same, they may nevertheless have different strengths. Before engaging, therefore, it is wise to target foes or use Libra to gauge their strength.

Arm Thyself!Edit

There are many weapon types, each requiring a license to wield. Proper knowledge of your weapons might just be enough to swing the battle in your favor.

  1. Standard Weapons
    —Swords (1H)/Swords (2H)/Spears/Crossbows/Rods
    —Standard weapon damage is mitigated by the target's defense.
  2. Piercing Weapons
    —Piercing weapon damage ignores the target's defense.
  3. Fast Weapons
    Daggers/Ninja Swords/Bows
    Fast weapon damage increases with a character's speed.
  4. Magick Weapons
    —Magick weapon damage increases with a characters magick power.
  5. Striking Weapons
    —Strikning weapon damage is erratic, with some strikes doing little and some doing great amounts of damage—good weapons for those who feel lucky.
  6. Magick Resist Weapons
    —Magick resist weapon damage is mitigated by the target's magick resist.

Foes AboveEdit

Some of the foes you will encounter are fliers, able to soar through the skies, far above the ground below.

When facing a flier, use bows, guns, and other ranged weapons, or magicks such as Fire. There are some melee weapons, such as poles and spears, that can be used to combat a flying foe.

When a foe is a flier, the target info will show a Flying icon. Consider yourself warned!

A Clever GambitEdit

Understanding and using gambits can make the difference between a determined but artless mob and an adventuring party.

Customize and turn gambits ON and OFF using the Gambits command in the Party Menu.

Even should gambits be turned ON, commands given using the Battle Menu during combat always take priority. When the selected action is complete, any set gambits will resume.

Gambit targets can be purchased at gambit shops in large cities. Any action available to a character will appear in a list of possible gambit actions. When a character learns a new ability, it is automatically added to the list.

Mist Charges TriumphantEdit

Mist abilities are powerful, special actions that are neither magicks nor technicks. Mist abilities can be gained by obtaining licenses.

Mist Charges, a condensed form of Mist that contains large amounts of energy, are needed to use Mist abilities. Mist Charges accumulate in the same manner as MP, with a charge becoming available once the gauge is full. Using a Mist ability will consume one or more Mist Charges.

There are two types of Mist abilities:

  1. Quickenings

Quickening are special abilities unique to each character, obtainable with licenses. Quickenings are categorized by rank, with higher rank quickenings having greater effect, and requiring more Mist Charges.

Using a quickening initiates quickening mode, during which time you can press the button shown on screen to use other quickenings, or refill Mist Charges. Chaining multiple quickenings in a row is an excellent way to deal large amounts of damage.

2. Espers

Summoning an Esper initiates summoning mode, during which time the party is educed to summoning character and the Esper.

Espers operate by gambit, and, if certain conditions are met, may use Esper technicks to deal massive amounts of damage to foes.

Summoning mode only lasts for a limited amount of time. Should this time run out, or should the Esper be KO'd or use a technick, the Esper will leave and regular battle will resume.

It is widely believed that Esper technicks are especially effective at attracting the attention of foes.

The Ways of StrengthEdit

Getting LicensedEdit

Licenses represent a character's ability to use particular weapons, magicks, and technicks. Different licenses exist for each different type of ability, be it the wielding of weapons or the casting of magicks.

Obtaining new licenses aids characters' development by allowing them to wield new weapons, wear new armor, cast new magicks and perform new technicks.

Obtain licenses for a character using the Licenses command in the Party Menu LP (License Points), gained by defeating foes, must be spent to acquire new licenses on the license board. Only licenses adjacent to those already obtained are available for acquisition.

There are twelve license boards to choose from, allowing you to customize each character to fill roles ranging from warrior to mage. Tailor each character's selection of licenses within their board to develop a balanced party.

Second License BoardEdit

Obtaining the Second Board license allows a character to choose an additional license board. You may choose any board other than the one the character began with, giving you 11 boards to pick from.

You may use LP (License Points) earned in battle on either board. In addition, licenses obtained on one board are automatically obtained on the other. Take advantage of this to reach far-flung licenses more quickly.

Shore up your weaknesses, or amplify your strengths. With two license boards, you can customize you characters more than ever before!

Magicks & TechnicksEdit

Though magicks and technicks are available for purchase at shops, merely purchasing one of these does not necessarily mean you can use it. You will also need the corresponding license for the ability purchased.

Unlike weapons and armor, purchasing one magick or technick allows all characters in the party to use the corresponding ability, providing they have the appropriate license. You can check which magicks and technicks you have by using the Inventory command in the Party Menu.

The Ways of WealthEdit

Have Loot Will SellEdit

Few feral creatures carry gil, the currency of Ivalice. To accumulate gil, be sure to sell the loot dropped by the foes you defeat at your local shop.

Chaining for Fun & ProfitEdit

By defeating several of the same type of foe in succession, you can create a battle chain.

When a battle chain is formed, the number of links in the chain is displayed on the screen. The longer the chain, the greater the chance that loot will drop.

Battle chains of a certain level will not only increase the chance of loot dropping, but also the chance of rare and multiple item drops.

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