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These use L.5 Doom, so make sure the party member's levels aren't multiples of five or they will be wiped out. Also attacks with L.4 Flare.
Final Fantasy VI PlayStation Bestiary entry

The Trapper is an enemy in Final Fantasy VI. It can be found at Magitek Factory.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Trapper uses many level-based Lores, and can cripple the party if they are at the vulnerable levels. Its special attack Program 18 inflicts Reflect, which can hinder the player's attempts to heal.


Thunder spells work well, as does Gau's Anguiform and Aspiran Rages. The Ramuh and Bismarck summons can kill groups of Trappers at once. If the player fights a lone Chaser, it will spawn three Trappers when killed.

Should the opportunity arise, bringing along Strago while traveling the Veldt is advised, as Trapper also appears in that area later on, enabling Strago to gain early access to its three Lores.

Formations Edit

Number Enemies Encounter flags Introduction flag Musical theme Magic AP
Norm. (Normal) Back Surr. (Surrounded) Side
118 Trapper x3 Y Y N Y Ceiling Battle 2
122 Chaser, Trapper x3 Y N N N Sides, individual Battle 2

AI script Edit

Attack Turns:
1st Turn: Program 18 (33%) or Lv. 5 Death (33%) or Nothing (33%)
2nd Turn: Program 18 (33%) or Lv. 4 Flare (33%) or Nothing (33%)
3rd Turn: Program 18 (33%) or Lv. 3 Confuse (33%) or Nothing (33%)

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