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A trap from Final Fantasy XII.

Traps (トラップ, Torappu?) are a recurring element in the Final Fantasy series, most often found in dungeons, that hurt the party outside of battle, usually triggered by walking on them. Some treasure chests are actually traps in disguise, hiding monster-in-a-box along with rare treasure. Another kind of trap is a Pitfall.

Appearance Edit

Final Fantasy Edit

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Final Fantasy VII Edit

FFVII Venus Fly Trap

A trap in Ancient Forest.

There is a spike wall trap in the Cave of the Gi. A slippery surface on the floor causes the player to continue moving uncontrollably if the player runs over it. If they approach the wall over the slippery surface when running, they will continue moving into the spikes. This removes 500 HP from each member of the active party but never makes a character fall below 1 HP.

Be really cautious with this flower. It'll snap at anything If you're going to go through here... do it the instant it has its mouth closed.

In the Ancient Forest, the Big Eaters (fan translation) (大喰らい, Ō Kurai?), large pink flowers on the ground, are actually traps and snap around the party if the player steps too close. This removes 999 HP from each member of the active party but never makes a character fall below 0 HP. The flower traps can be neutralized by placing a Scent Ball (くす玉草, Kusudama Kusa?) inside them.

The traps that remove HP technically take off 1 HP more than the end result, but 1 HP is added on after. For example, the large pink flowers remove 1000 HP, then add 1 HP. Since when removing the HP the player cannot fall below 0, the added 1 HP will put them if they have less HP than is being taken off. Due to this, if a player enters one of the flower traps with a member in the Death status, they are brought back to life with 1 HP.

Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission Edit

Traps are hidden until the player walks over them, they have a chance of not activating the first time, making the player aware of its location without suffering consequences.

However, if the trap does activate, it can cause harmful effects for the player:

  • Trampoline - Sends the player to a random location of the floor.
  • Bomb's Wrath - An item is inflicted with the BOOM status.
  • Cursed Seal - An item is inflicted with the Curse status.
  • Wind Slash - Deals damage to three equipped dresspheres.
  • Plummet - Deals damage to the base character.
  • Boo! Tile - Some of the player's items are spread on the floor.
  • Nefarious Pit - All equipped dresspheres are removed.
  • Pit Trap - Player falls to the previous floor.
  • Sticky Trap - Inflicts the Immobile status.
  • Biospray - Inflicts the Poison status.

The player can forcefully activate traps with the Stomp command, which can be useful depending on the trap: Trampoline might get the player out of a dangerous situation, for example.

After the trap is activated, there is a chance that it vanishes from the floor completely. Some auto-abilities make traps easier to avoid: Detect Nearby Traps reveals traps if the character walks close to them, Detect All Traps shows the location of all traps on the mini-map, and Evade Traps will make sure they never activate, even if the player uses to Stomp command. There are also Folios that players can read to deal with traps, such as Trap Evading Primer which removes all traps from the floor and The Seeing Book which reveals the entire mini-map of the floor, including traps and items.

Final Fantasy XII Edit


A trap in Lhusu Mines.

Traps appear as red circles on the ground with magically inscribed Ivalician fonts floating over them. They are initially hidden, and only appear when one of the player characters carries the Libra status or is wearing the Bangle, but the properties they carry are not revealed. Triggering these traps affects all nearby characters. Status ailments can be prevented by equipping the appropriate accessory before triggering the trap.

Enemies or Espers cannot set off traps, nor are they affected by them if a nearby character steps on one. Traps can be avoided by floating over them or equipping the Steel Poleyns.

Trap Effect Locations
Explosion Deals non-elemental damage (maximum damage: character's level x 30) Dalmasca Estersand, Giza Plains (The Rains), Lhusu Mines, Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, etc.
Sten Needle Deals heavy damage (approximately 3x the damage of an Explosion trap) Dalmasca Estersand, Nam-Yensa Sandsea, Tomb of Raithwall, Ozmone Plain, etc.
Fusillade Deals very heavy damage (approximately 6x the damage of an Explosion trap). Salikawood, Tchita Uplands, Sochen Cave Palace, Cerobi Steppe, Feywood, etc.
Wizardbane Reduces MP (maximum amount: character's level x 20). Nam-Yensa Sandsea, Ozmone Plain, Paramina Rift, Tchita Uplands, etc
Leech Drastically reduces MP (approximately 5x as much as a Wizardsbane trap). Giza Plains (The Rains), Barheim Passage, Nabreus Deadlands
Stone Gas May inflict Petrify. Lhusu Mines, Tomb of Raithwall, Henne Mines, Stilshrine of Miriam, Sochen Cave Palace, etc.
Befuddling Gas Inflicts Confuse and Berserk. Lhusu Mines, Henne Mines, Stilshrine of Miriam, Sochen Cave Palace, Cerobi Steppe, Feywood, Ridorana Cataract
Silence Gas Inflicts Silence. Lhusu Mines, Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, Nam-Yensa Sandsea, Zertinan Caverns, Paramina Rift, Sochen Cave Palace, Cerobi Steppe, etc.
Choking Gas Inflicts Sap. Garamsythe Waterway, Lhusu Mines, Salikawood, Sochen Cave Palace
Blinding Smoke Inflicts Blind. Lhusu Mines, Nam-Yensa Sandsea, Henne Mines, Paramina Rift, Sochen Cave Palace, Cerobi Steppe, Feywood, etc
Stasis Inflicts Disable and Reverse. Cerobi Steppe, Feywood, Great Crystal, Ridorana Cataract, Pharos - Subterra
Swarm Inflicts Disease. Barheim Passage, Pharos - Subterra, Nabreus Deadlands
Oil Bug Inflicts Oil. Giza Plains (The Rains), Barheim Passage, Nabreus Deadlands
Gil Bug Steals Gil (maximum amount: character's level x 99). Giza Plains (The Rains), Lhusu Mines, Nabreus Deadlands
Rejuvenation Restores HP (maximum amount: character's level x 80). Giza Plains (The Rains), Lhusu Mines, Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, Paramina Rift, etc
Manafont Restores MP (maximum amount: character's level x 40). Giza Plains (The Rains), Stilshrine of Miriam, Ridorana Cataract, Pharos - Third Ascent

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Edit

Traps don't exist naturally and randomly, they can only be set up on the ground by Filo. Unlike before, Traps can now be triggered by Flying units or units under Float status.

Filo's skillset includes the setting of various traps, called Snares. These include the Defense Snare, Speed Snare, and Power Snare. Filo can set any of these traps a short distance away from her, and they will activate whenever an enemy unit passes over the trap, decreasing the statistics of all enemies in a medium area radius and deals minor damage. The traps will set off automatically after some time when not triggered by any enemies.

Final Fantasy XV Edit


A rogue MT "trap".

In Zegnautus Keep in Chapter 13 the player can find magitek troopers lying on the floor. While most are dormant, some are "traps" and will grab at Noctis as he steps over them. Some of these live MTs can be spotted as they turn their head toward the player as they approach. The player must button mash as per the prompt to release from the grip.

King's Knight -Wrath of the Dark Dragon-Edit

Depending on the setting of a quest, many hazards and traps may be scattered within the field of the quest and should be avoided, including:

  • Ice tiles: Cause the player to lose traction over them. The active unit becomes more difficult to control because s/he will slide over the ice.
  • Lava tiles: Cause light damage and briefly stun the active unit while over them.
  • Sand tiles: Slow the active unit when stepped through. No damage taken.
  • Wind tiles: Attempt to push the unit in the direction of the arrow formed by the wind.
  • Shadow tiles (lilac): Can drain ~50 HP when stepped on.
  • Light tiles (gold): Can drain lots of MP when stepped on.
  • Pit traps: Cause some HP damage.
  • Abysses (black space): Can drop HP to 1 if the active unit falls in. Must jump or float over. "!?" appears overhead if the unit is about to fall into an abyss.
  • Poison flowers: Spew venom when a target is within their range. Can be shot.
  • Paraflowers: Spew paralyzing pollen when a target is within range.

Final Fantasy Tactics Edit

FFT Trap

A trap activated.

Traps are hidden tiles that contain treasure and can be found in almost all battlefields. If the character does not have the Treasure Hunter ability or a low enough Bravery stat, traps will cause negative status effects.

The latter three traps: Mine, Mossfungus, and Cursed Stone only appear in Melee of the The War of the Lions.

Trap Effect
Sleeping Gas Inflicts Sleep status.
Degenerator Unit's level is reduced by 1.
Death Trap Inflicts Doom status.
Sten Needle Inflicts HP damage.
Mine Inflicts HP damage and the Oil status.
Mossfungus Inflicts Poison status.
Cursed Stone Inflicts Undead status.
Summoning Circle Activate a random summon magick when sprung. (Dummied)

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Edit

FFTA2 Trap

A Sten Needle trap.

Traps exist as preset battlefield features and may also be placed by the Ranger. When a unit stops on the tile where a trap is laid, the trap will deploy. Passing over the trapped tile to another tile does not trigger the trap, nor do floating and flying units.

There are four types of traps:

  • Charm Trap: Charms unit.
  • Leech Trap: Inflicts unit with a status that drains its HP each turn.
  • Silence Gas Trap: Silences unit.
  • Sten Needle Trap: Removes half of unit's current HP. Removes ten HP if ten is greater than half HP.

Certain missions involve destroying traps as the objective; the only way to do this being either stepping directly on the trap and suffering its effects or, if done late in the game, using Vaan's Salvage ability on the trap.

Vagrant Story Edit

Traps are hidden tiles within the field that carry beneficial or harmful effects. They can only be revealed with three ways: either by stepping on them, casting Eureka magick, or using the Eye of Argon item on Ashley.

  • Cure Panel - Cures all status effects.
  • Heal Panel - Restores some HP and lowers RISK.
  • Trap Clear - Clears all traps in the room, including itself.
  • Curse Panel - Inflicts Curse status.
  • Death Vapor - Physical-based attack against Ashley.
  • Diablos - Dark-based attack against Ashley.
  • Eruption - Fire-based attack against Ashley.
  • Freeze - Water-based attack against Ashley.
  • Gust - Air-based attack against Ashley.
  • Holy Light - Light-based attack against Ashley.
  • Poison Panel - Inflicts Poison status.
  • Paralysis Panel - Inflicts Paralysis status.
  • Terra Thrust - Earth-based attack against Ashley.

These traps will reset themselves whenever Ashley leaves the room.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Edit

RoF Flame Trap

Flame trap.

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time Edit

EoT Trap


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Bravely Default Edit

  • Blind Gas can be found inside Harena Ruins, it blinds the whole party.
  • Poison Swamp is found in Miasma Woods, it poisons the whole party.
  • Hushleaf Spore is found in Florem Gardens, it silences the whole party.
  • Magma is found in the Underflow, it deals damage when walked on.
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Chocobo's Dungeon 2 Edit

Traps are invisible until triggered, or unless Eyedrops are used (which makes visible all of the traps on that floor). There is a random chance to evade traps. The No-Traps collar allows Chocobo to always evade traps, and the Penalty collar causes Chocobo to always trigger traps. Traps can also be set off by monsters, which will causes the monster to suffer the effect of the trap and the trap to be revealed. Flying monsters are immune to traps, as is Chocobo if he is morphed into the form of a flying monster.

Types of traps:

  • Magic Circle - Can have a variety of effects, such as increasing magic power, nullifying magic, increasing HP recovery, or teleporting to another location on the current floor.
  • Morph Trap - Chocobo transforms into a random type of monster for a while.
  • Spring Trap - Chocobo is launched into the air, traveling several tiles in the direction he was moving over any enemies or obstacles.
  • Level Up Circle - Chocobo's level increases by one. This trap disappears when stepped on.
  • Damage Trap - Spikes shoot up out of the ground and deal 1/4 of Chocobo's HP in damage.
  • Pitfall - Chocobo falls down a hole into the next lower dungeon level and becomes separated from his companion.
  • Teleport Trap - Chocobo is transported elsewhere on the current floor. His companion does not automatically come with him.
  • Land Mine - An explosion damages Chocobo and everything around him, whether enemy or ally.
  • Sleep Trap - Chocobo will fall asleep for a little while.
  • Poison Trap - Chocobo will be poisoned.
  • Forget Trap - Chocobo will forget the map of the current floor.
  • Abnormal Trap - Chocobo will receive a random status anomaly.
  • Rotating Trap - Chocobo's equipped items will become unequipped, and Chocobo's items will be scattered across the floor.
  • Mud Trap - Chocobo will be trapped in the pit for several turns and his energy will be drained as he struggles to escape.

Gallery Edit

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