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FFVII Magic Materia Single Slot Transform is a Magic Materia in Final Fantasy VII equipped to provide the user transformative negative status effect spells. These spells are Mini, which inflicts the Small status effect reducing a targets' Attack stat to 1, and Toad, which inflicts the Frog status effect, which prevents a unit from making any actions other than Attack or Item and reduces their Attack stat to a quarter. Transform can also link to the Added Effect Materia, to either resist against or inflict the Frog or Small statuses.


A leveled up Transform Materia is initially equipped by Cait Sith when he joins the party. It can also be found on the Corel Bridge.

The Transform Materia can be purchased for 5,000 gil from North Corel, Cosmo Canyon, Gongaga, and Mideel after fighting Ultimate Weapon.



Level AP required Effect
1 0 Mini
2 8000 Toad
3 24000 MASTER


Magic MP Effect
Mini 10 Inflicts or cures Small on target. 72% probability on enemies, 100% on allies.
Toad 14 Inflicts or cures Frog on target. 72% probability on enemies, 100% on allies.


The Transform Materia grants the spell Mini at level 1, and Toad at level 2. The former inflicts or removes the Small status effect, shrinking the target with its Attack reduced to 1 causing it to only deal 1 damage, while the latter inflicts the Toad status, locking all the target's abilities except for Attack and Item, and reducing their attack to a quarter. These spells have a 72% probability of working when used on enemies, though most larger enemies are immune to them.

Both Mini and Toad can render enemies harmless, making Transform useful to equip when fighting medium-sized enemies. However, on smaller enemies, it is often a waste of MP, and a lot of larger enemies are simply immune to it. Additionally, Frog Song learned on the Enemy Skill Materia applies both Frog and Sleepel on a target for less MP, effectively rendering Transform redundant for spellcasting.

One better use for Transform is when linked with the Added Effect Materia. When linked with the Materia on weapons, it has a 20% chance of inflicting the status on enemies with a physical attack, and when linked on armor, it can provide immunity to both statuses. As Transform only comes with minor stat changes (+2% to MP and +1 Magic, but also -2% HP and -1 Strength), it is safe to equip this on any character. However, equipping a White Cape also provides immunity to the same statuses, as does a Ribbon.

Another common use for Transform is to remove the spells from allies inflicted with them. However, items can also do this, and the affected character can use an item while inflicted with the status.

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