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Chocochick selected with Chocobo transfiguration.

Transfiguration (or transfigging) is the act of changing to a more powerful Mirage and back, in World of Final Fantasy. It is a gameplay mechanic that allows the player to change their Mirages into different forms, each form having differing statistics and abilities.


A Mirage can transfig into forms of that of other Mirages with like-attributes and physical appearances. This can be accomplished by unlocking the transfigurations within their Mirage Board, either by reaching a certain level or acquiring a memento that corresponds to that form. Such forms that are available to the same type of Mirage are grouped as a "family", and are often listed in the order from smaller and weaker forms, to larger and stronger ones.

To transfig a Mirage, the player must access the Prism Case and place the cursor above that Mirage's icon to make the Transfigurations command appear. Following the command then displays the Mirage's other forms and the player can select whichever form for their Mirage as they wish, and may also change back. The player is also shown a comparison window that displays the increase or decrease in stats and resistances between the Mirage's current form and the selected form to transfig into.

A Mirage has access to all spaces unlocked within the Mirage Boards of its different forms, and any abilities and stat boosts unlocked is shared between all of them (excluding abilities unique to that particular form). Because of this, the Mirage that can tranfig to one particular form may potentially be stronger than another Mirage of that different form the player imprisms (such as transfigging a Chocochick already in the player's party into a Chocobo, rather than imprisming a Chocobo separately).

Using the Rename Prism allows the player to change the name of one of their Mirages, and the new name carries over between all its forms.

List of Mirage transfigurationsEdit

Names for transfiguration groups are conjectural. Names in italics indicate forms that are not encountered in battle, while those in bold indicate DLC/Maxima-exclusive Mirages. Reconfiguration groups are listed in the order as they appear in the Mirage Manual.

Tama groupEdit

Family 1 Tama Tamamohimé

Yurugu groupEdit

Family 1 Yurugu Kyubi

Chocobo groupEdit

Family 1 Chocochick Chocobo Mecha Chocobo
Family 2 Black Chocochick Hyperion
Family 3 White Chocobo

Sylph groupEdit

Family 1 Sylph Siren

Serafie groupEdit

Family 1 Serafie Diva Serafie

Mu groupEdit

Family 1 Mu Skull Eater Carbuncle
Family 2 Reaver Mu Nut Eater
Family 3 Topaz Carbuncle

Goblin groupEdit

Family 1 Goblin Goblin Guard Princess Goblin
Family 2 Red Cap Red Captain

Mandragora groupEdit

Family 1 Mandragora Malboro
Family 2 Korrigan Malboro Menace

Copper Gnome groupEdit

Family 1 Copper Gnome Mythril Giant Iron Giant
Family 2 Lead Gnome Chrome Giant

Mini Golem groupEdit

Family 1 Mini Golem
Family 2 Water Golem
Family 3 Golem Head

Floating Eye groupEdit

Family 1 Floating Eye Ahriman
Family 2 Blood Eye Buer

Ifrit groupEdit

Family 1 Fritt Affrite Ifrit Ifreeta
Family 2 Weeglee Gleed Gleefrit

Shiva groupEdit

Family 1 Bablizz Mishiva Shiva Shivalry
Family 2 Brrblizz Shivverina Shivver

Ramuh groupEdit

Family 1 Zapt Zaphr Ramuh Ramewl
Family 2 Joult Voultr Rairamuh

Nakk groupEdit

Family 1 White Nakk Fenrir Cerberus
Family 2 Black Nakk Elefenrir

Behemoth groupEdit

Family 1 Babyhemoth Behemoth Behemonster
Family 2 Kuza Kit Kuza Beast
Family 3 Dark Behemoth

Moogle groupEdit

Family 1 Moogle Kupirate
Family 2 Kupicaroon
Family 3 Glow Moogle

Deathskull groupEdit

Family 1 Deathskull Undead Princess
Family 2 Mordskull
Family 3 Metalliskull

Claw groupEdit

Family 1 Right Claw
Family 2 Left Claw

Cockatrice groupEdit

Family 1 Cockatrice Valefor
Family 2 Cocadrille Nirvalefor

Dualizard groupEdit

Family 1 Dualizard Trihyde Tiamat
Family 2 Bihydra Ghidra
Family 3 Nidhogg

Cactuar groupEdit

Family 1 Cactuar Gigantuar
Family 2 Cactrot Gigantrot
Family 3 Cactuar Johnny

Mimic groupEdit

Family 1 Magic Pot Mimic Mimic Queen
Family 2 Magic Jar Mimic Jackpot
Family 3 Kobold Mimic

Quacho groupEdit

Family 1 Quacho Quacho Queen
Family 2 Quachacho

Tonberry groupEdit

Family 1 Baby Tonberry Tonberry Tonberry King
Family 2 Baby Paleberry Paleberry Paleberry King
Family 3 Red Bonnetberry

Werebat groupEdit

Family 1 Werebat Vampire Vampire Prime
Family 2 Ice Bat Demivampire

Flan groupEdit

Family 1 Mini Flan Flan Flan Princess
Family 2 Kaguya Flan

Sharqual groupEdit

Family 1 Sharqual Mega Sharqual Bismarck
Family 2 Nightsqual Mega Nightsqual

Sea Snake groupEdit

Family 1 Sea Snake Leviathan
Family 2 Sea Serpent Elasmos

Mantoise groupEdit

Family 1 Minimantoise Adamantoise
Family 2 Flammantoise

Dragon groupEdit

Family 1 Spark Dragon Red Dragon
Family 2 Mist Dragon Holy Dragon
Family 3 Sky Dragon

Bomb groupEdit

Family 1 Bombino Bomb King Bomb

Phoenix groupEdit

Family 1 Phoenix
Family 2 Iris

Toad groupEdit

Family 1 Water Toad Lucky Toad
Family 2 Wind Toad

Manticore groupEdit

Family 1 Manticore Sphinx
Family 2 Sandicore Memecoleous

Worm groupEdit

Family 1 Sand Worm
Family 2 Sea Worm

Searcher groupEdit

Family 1 Searcher Magitek Armor Death Machine
Family 2 Security Eye Magitek Armor A War Machine
Family 3 Death Searcher

Imp groupEdit

Family 1 Imp Diabolos
Family 2 Garchimacera

Brothertaur groupEdit

Family 1 Brothertaur Minotaur
Family 2 Sistertaur Asterius

Unicorn groupEdit

Family 1 Unicorn Odin
Family 2 Nightmare

Mindflayer groupEdit

Family 1 Mindflayer Kraken Ultros
Family 2 Squidraken Cenchos

Titan groupEdit

Family 1 Titan Maduin
Family 2 Iron Muscles

Magna Roader groupEdit

Family 1 Magna Roader (Purple)
Family 2 Magna Roader (Yellow)
Family 3 Magna Roader (Red)

Entom groupEdit

Family 1 Entom Guard Omega
Family 2 Entom Soldier Omega Bane
Family 3 Elite Entom

Einhänder groupEdit

Family 1 Einhänder
Family 2 Astraea

Coeurl groupEdit

Family 1 Lesser Coeurl Moomba Coeurl

Daigoro groupEdit

Family 1 Daigoro Gamit Yojimbo

Mirages with no other tranfigurationsEdit

The following is a list of player Mirages with no other forms to transfig into.


Transfiguring (or transforming) is a change of outward appearance or form.

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