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A device that converts one's visceral emotions into tangible fury.


Transference Module is an accessory in Final Fantasy VII Remake that fills the user's limit gauge by consuming ATB.


Returning to the children's hideout in the Sector 5 Slums in Chapter 14, "In Search of Hope", lets the player try a new harder Whack-a-Box course. Scoring at least 30,000 points earns the top prize, the Transference Module.


Transference Module allows a character to use limit breaks much more frequently, greatly increasing their damage output (or in the case of Aerith, allowing her healing abilities to become active faster). It is useful on a character the player controls often, as AI-controlled party members do not expend ATB (or build it quickly) on their own. The player can couple it with Haste Haste and ATB Assist Materia ATB Assist Materia to build ATB faster, and thus use limits more frequently. Another good combo is the Refocus Materia Refocus Materia, giving more ATB slots and thus allowing ATB abilities to be used more quickly.

Of the characters, Tifa benefits most from Transference Module due both to the damage her limit breaks can do (Dolphin Flurry deals more damage than any other limit break), and due to her fighting style (which is based around comboing her abilities in quick succession). Tifa's Focused Strike refunds some of the ATB used, and can be spammed to build her limit gauge rapidly. Next to Tifa, Cloud is also a solid candidate for the accessory, due both to his damage output and how often the player will use him. Cloud can also make use of Disorder, as it refunds some of the ATB used and can thus be spammed. Barret builds ATB quickly thanks to his Overcharge, and can hit an enemy from anywhere if he has a ranged weapon, although Barret is less often used for damage output. Though Aerith is normally slower than the others, her healing limit breaks can be potent.

Transference Module is more useful in battles where limits may come in handy, e.g. hard battles and boss battles, as the limit gauge resets between battles. It takes ~40 ATB bars to fill a level 1 Limit, and ~60 for a level 2 Limit, but the user still gains Limit charge naturally from taking damage.