Zidane in Trance.

Trance is induced by a surge of emotion.

Steiner in battle

Trance (トランス, Toransu?) is the Limit Break system in Final Fantasy IX that temporarily transforms a character into a more powerful form, increasing all physical damage by a factor of 1.5x (except for Steiner, whose physical damage triples). While in Trance party members have their unique skillset enhanced in some fashion.

Entering Trance[edit | edit source]

FFIX Trance Icon.png

Trance is induced by a surge of powerful emotions. Thus, in three battles when they are particularly emotional, Zidane, Vivi and Steiner automatically enter Trance at the beginning of the battle: Zidane in Evil Forest, Vivi on the Cargo Ship, and Steiner during the Battle of Alexandria.

During a time she is going through emotional turmoil, Dagger's Trance bar will not fill and is not even displayed. The temporary player charactersMarcus, Blank, Cinna, and Beatrix—have no Trance gauges. Besides these exceptions, plot events do not affect characters' Trances.

The Trance Meter.

Trance is accumulated as the character is attacked by enemies, filling the gauge underneath their ATB bar. If a character is afflicted with Zombie, the Trance bar is reduced to zero. Once the Trance bar is filled, the character immediately enters Trance, changing their appearance and giving the character a mysterious glow. All attacks are equal in filling the Trance bar, and thus even attacks that do no damage count towards it. As the character enters Trance as soon as the filling blow has been dealt, it is possible for an enemy's final attack to trigger it, giving a character a Trance at the end of the battle, effectively wasting it, or for it to be triggered by weak opponents that can easily be defeated without it. Thus, using Trance strategically can be tough as one cannot easily control which enemies attack and how often. Additionally, the usefulness of the ability tends to diminish for certain characters later in the game. For example, since characters cannot break the damage limit of 9999, Zidane's Dyne abilities become relatively less potent later in the game if the player has developed the character to the point that he can reliably hit for 9999 damage with other attacks.

Steiner enters Trance.

Being in Trance raises the character's attributes, and they are healed of all status ailments (but do not become immune to them). In Trance character-specific special abilities become available. The Trance bar decreases with every action taken and Trance is reverted when the bar is depleted, when the battle ends, or the character becomes afflicted with the Zombie status. If the battle ends while the Trance bar is still partially full while in Trance, the bar is emptied after the battle.

The amount that the Trance gauge fills up is a random number, modulo Spirit. If the support ability High Tide is equipped, the gauge fills up equal to the character's Spirit stat instead.

The amount that the Trance gauge decreases while in Trance is as follows:

Certain types of actions unique to a character empty out the Trance gauge less than other actions. For instance, when Vivi uses Black Magic in Trance, the action expends less of the Trance bar, than it would have if Vivi used an item.

Using the Trance system earns achievements in the versions that support an achievements system. Using Trance the first time yields Getting Emotional (mobile/Steam) and entering Trance 50 times yields Overly Emotional (mobile/Steam/PS4).

Story[edit | edit source]

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Trance is a surge of powerful emotions that momentarily enhances one's inner capabilities, and thus the effects are unique to each individual. As explained in Final Fantasy IX Ultimania, Kuja lacks the ability to express complex emotions due to having been denied a childhood, and thus is unable to naturally enter Trance. Garland saw the flaws in Kuja's design, and created Zidane to one day replace him. He created Zidane as a child, allowing him to grow and thus develop a full range of emotions, granting him the ability of Trance and thus making him ultimately superior to Kuja. Kuja, jealous Garland had created another Genome, kidnapped Zidane and abandoned him on Gaia, where Zidane was adopted and raised by Baku and his Tantalus Theater Troupe.

Zidane never learns of his Terran origins, and by the age of 16 is a full-fledged member of the troupe and able to enter Trance. After Tantalus kidnaps Princess Garnet and crashes in Evil Forest, Zidane enters Trance when trying to save her from the forest's monsters. Even the young members of the party, like Eiko and Vivi, and despite the latter being an artificially produced black mage, have the emotional capacity for Trance, Vivi spontaneously Trancing when his brethren are attacked by a Black Waltz on the cargo ship.

Trance Kuja.

Eiko's pet moogle, Mog, enters Trance as a result of her strong desire to protect Eiko, revealing her true form as the eidolon Madeen. Kuja witnesses the feat and realizes the true power of Trance, and abandons his quest for powerful eidolons, beginning to seek the power of Trance instead. Being a Genome, he can absorb dormant souls into his being, and thus absorbs the souls from within the Invincible. Using the soul of Queen Brahne as a catalyst, Kuja has the souls all enter Trance simultaneously, giving him an incredibly powerful Trance that he is able to sustain for an extended period of time.

Reveling in his new-found powers, Kuja kills Garland, but is driven to madness upon learning of his impending death. He destroys Terra before setting out to destroy the crystal, source of all life. Zidane and his friends follow Kuja to the Crystal World and defeat him, and as Kuja returns to the Iifa Tree, his Trance is gone.

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List of Trances[edit | edit source]

Zidane[edit | edit source]

Trance Command. Use special powers.


Zidane's Skill command changes into Dyne and grants special attacks that cost MP. The more Skills Zidane learns, the more powerful Dyne abilities become available. In Trance, Zidane's hair turns pink and becomes longer, and his clothes are replaced with pink fur, as an allusion to Terra's Trance from Final Fantasy VI.

Dagger[edit | edit source]

Trance Command. Summon eidolons.


Dagger's Summon command changes to Eidolon, increasing the chance of a summon having a stronger attack (full animation) and the summoned eidolon has a chance of reappearing during the rest of the battle as long as Dagger stays in Trance, continuing to reappear at random intervals. If Dagger summons multiple eidolons, the last eidolon she summons will be the one to reappear. The random summons do not use MP or expend the Trance gauge, but are weaker than regular summonings, always using the short animation. As the random summons don't deplete the Trance gauge, one can let Dagger idle. When Dagger enters Trance, her hair turns blonde, her skin turns pink with white glyphs along her legs, and her outfit transforms into a white leotard with a low neckline and light green sleeves and boots.

During the time Dagger is experiencing emotional turmoil her Trance bar is disabled.

Vivi[edit | edit source]

Trance Command. Use black magic twice.


Vivi's Blk Mag command changes to Dbl Blk, allowing Vivi to cast two consecutive Black Magic spells per turn, providing he has MP for both. The spells count as two actions, and deplete the Trance gauge individually. Vivi's clothes are replaced by a full-length white robe, gloves, and a hat that stands at a point, as opposed to his usually steeped hat. The straps crossing over his chest are replaced by a stylized design down the middle of his robe, including a wing-like design on his chest. The black shadow under his hat gives off a dark bluish hue while his eyes become stark white instead of yellow.

Steiner[edit | edit source]

Steiner does not have unique Trance skills, but his physical attack power triples. If attacking with the Blood Sword, Steiner will only get the normal 50% increase bonus instead. When in Trance, Steiner's armor is replaced by paladin armor complete with a faceplate with runes on the torso and gold highlights on his gauntlets, chestplate, and the spiky decorative metal jutting out of the front at his ankles. His lower mail is replaced by black pants and silver shin armor. The feather in his hat turns black and becomes jagged.

Freya[edit | edit source]

Trance Command. Aerial attack.


Freya's Jump ability is powered up, but doesn't receive a name change. Freya stays in the air instead of landing after a Jump, and while airborne, rains spears on all enemies whenever it is her turn. When her Trance gauge expires, or the battle ends, she performs a final attack and lands. Her Trance can be exploited when all party members except Freya are KO, as while she stays in the air most enemies will do nothing except supportive moves since they can't target Freya, or even attack themselves with their own attacks when it is their turn, and Freya will deal damage to them until the Trance expires. Notably, Trance Kuja attacks himself if Freya is the only alive player character in the battle and she is airborne when his turn comes up.

During Trance, Freya's clothing is replaced with full platemail armor, complete with a pair of gauntlets and greaves that cover her hands and legs, and her hat is replaced with a knight's helmet that covers all but the back of her head.

Quina[edit | edit source]

Trance Command. Learn enemy skill.


Quina's Eat command changes to Cook. This means Quina can attempt to eat the enemy when it has 50% or fewer HP instead of the usual requirement of having lost 75% of their total HP. In Trance, Quina's face disappears into a void with only bright white eyes showing. His/her clothes are replaced by a heavy armor set, his/her chef's hat turning into a helmet.

Eiko[edit | edit source]

Trance Command. Use white magic twice.


Eiko's Wht Mag changes to Dbl Wht, allowing her to cast two consecutive White Magic spells in one turn, providing she has MP for both. The spells count as separate actions and will deplete the Trance gauge individually. Eiko's horn lengthens and turns sky-blue and her ornamental wings grow bigger and transform into actual white feathered wings. Her hair and sleeves turn light green; her bow, chest plate, pants, and boots become white; and her turtleneck and bodysuit change to purple.

Amarant[edit | edit source]

Trance Command. Use monk techniques.


Amarant's Flair changes to Elan, making the Flairs apply to multiple targets. While in Trance, Amarant's clothes disappear and his skin turns dark with purple highlights, and his facial hair and dreadlocks turn black.

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[edit | edit source]

Trance Zidane.

Time to get serious!

Zidane enters Trance

Here's your invitation!

Kuja enters Trance

Zidane and Kuja enter their Trance forms during their EX Modes, but the nature of these abilities is different from their Trance abilities in Final Fantasy IX. Zidane gains the abilities Aerial Jump, which allows him to jump ten times in a row, and Dodge Jump, which makes him invincible to some attacks while jumping.

Kuja gains the abilities Hyper Glide and Auto Magic. Hyper Glide lets him maintain altitude longer while Gliding, and Auto Magic leaves Flare and Holy orbs as Kuja moves through the air to damage opponents. Both execute their EX Bursts while in their Trance forms.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

Trance Kuja.

Zidane and Kuja retain Trance as their EX Mode, though their abilities are modified. Zidane's Trance has a new effect that resets his jump count when he dodges, letting him jump again, while Kuja's Auto Magic has lower damage priority. Dodging to reset jumps was available to all characters in the first Dissidia Final Fantasy, but was removed in Dissidia 012 for all but Zidane's Trance mode.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT[edit | edit source]

When Zidane enters Trance, he will use Mug instead of Steal, which adds the effect of inflicting Bravery damage.

Kuja enters Trance after using his EX Skill Discarnate Chorus three times or if the skill stacks up to Lv. 3 if it has not been used yet. While transformed, his EX Skill becomes Soul Resonance, providing him with several buffs for attack, defense and speed. Unlike Zidane and Terra, Kuja's Trance form is permanent until incapacitated.

In-story, Kuja and Zidane enter Trance alongside Terra Branford (the latter via a similar transformed state) to confront the Emperor and Sephiroth at Midgar after Kuja defects to the former's side.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

When using his Ultima Premium Skill, Kuja goes into his Trance form to fire off the attack.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[edit | edit source]

Zidane and Garnet appear in their Trance forms on certain Legend cards. Most of Zidane's Legend cards have him performing abilities from his Dyne skill set and Eiko also uses her Dbl Wht. ability.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[edit | edit source]

The playable cast uses various Trance-available abilities as Soul Breaks. In addition, Legend Materias available through each character's Legend Dive allow Zidane, Steiner, Vivi, Garnet, Eiko, Freya, and Quina to enter Trance when they're reduced to 20% of their max HP or lower, refilling their HP to 100% and granting them various bonuses:

  • Zidane's stats (save max HP) rise by 15%, and thief abilities become instant-cast.
  • Steiner's ATK and DEF rise by 25%, and his elemental attacks deal 25% more damage.
  • Vivi's MAG rises by 30%, and he gains a 50% chance to Dualcast black magic abilities.
  • Garnet and Eiko have their MAG and MND rise by 30%, and have their cast time halved.
  • Freya's ATK and RES rise by 30%, and she follows up jump-type dragoon abilities with three ranged wind and non-elemental attacks on one enemy.
  • Quina's ATK, DEF, MAG, RES, and MND rise by 15%. In addition, when Trance is activated, s/he instantly gains 500 Soul Break points, allowing them to instantly use a Soul Break.

Trances last 25 seconds, and can be activated once per battle.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[edit | edit source]

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[edit | edit source]

One of Eiko's cards has W-White [Holy] as its ability. W-White [Holy] requires the discard of an Eiko card, Dulling Eiko, and paying two Earth CP, and allows the player to select up to two Forwards and deal them 8000 damage, if the player has taken at least 5 damage.

Quina's card has Eat, requiring the discard of a Quina card and two Water CP. Eat allows the player to select an opponent's Forward that has taken damage the turn Eat is used, and if it has a Special Ability or Action Ability, the player can Break it.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Trance in Final Fantasy IX is a homage to Terra Branford's ability from Final Fantasy VI. Trance denotes a variety of processes, ecstasy, techniques, modalities and states of mind, awareness and consciousness. In general, it simply means 'idle and motionlessly resting' or 'mesmerized'.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Japanese translation for High Tide is roughly "Gain Spirit of the Full Moon" hinting at some deeper connection to the moons and the ability to enter Trance.
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