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FF Dimensions Trance

Trance in Final Fantasy Dimensions.

Trance (トランス, toransu?) is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy XIEdit

Trance is the special job ability of Dancers learned at level 1. While in effect, it lowers the TP cost of dances and steps to 0 for a duration of 1 minute. All healing abilities (waltzes) have a reduced recast time. It can be recast every 1 hour.

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

Trance is an ability of the Dancer class, learned at job Level 20 for 490 AP. Trance consumes all of the user's MP and increases their stats by a corresponding amount for the remainder of the battle, at the cost of 10+ MP.

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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Trance denotes a variety of processes, ecstasy, techniques, modalities and states of mind, awareness and consciousness. In general, it simply means 'idle and motionlessly resting' or 'mesmerized'.

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