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The Tramdine Fens area.

The sun shines wanly over this desolate swampland. A pervasive gloom falls on all who enter.


Tramdine Fens is a swamp from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, located south-east of Fluorgis in Ordalia. Ghosts abound in this region.


Catsbreath Field[]


The dying wind blows lazily, barely stirring the grass. Rough stones lie strewn across the ground.

Tramdine Fens[]


The spirits of the dead are said to wander this dreary fen. Even at midday the sky is dark and unsettling.

Waterside Hut[]


It's difficult to say when this small workshop was built, or by whom, but all are free to use it.

This is one of two locations that allows for the skipping of 20, 60, or 200 days in the game.

Protectors' Walk[]


This broad bog teems with life. A small shrine built by the local villagers stands on one of the higher patches of ground.

Secret location[]

Demonroot Bog[]


Moss and water plants grow thick in this remote place. Many of the stagnant pools dotting the bog are deep beyond measure.

This area is unlocked after talking to the Witch of the Fens during the mission "I Want To Forget".

Random encounter[]

"Otherworldly Visitors"

Each night they wander harvesting souls. Their victims become their mindless servants.

Forbidden: Swimming


Fluorgis Trail[]

This trail leads west to the city of Fluorgis. None are fool enough to walk it once the sun has set.

Aisenfield Trail[]

This trail is mired in muck and mud for many leagues on its southward march to Aisenfield.

Nazan Trail[]

More animal trail than footpath, this track rises steep and narrow, leading east to the Nazan Mines.


  • "The Seas of Ordalia"
  • "One Red Phial"
  • "A Charm of Luck"
  • "Maintaining the Balance"
  • "Natural Order"
  • "Wanted: Tonberrion"
  • "Stuck in the Muck"
  • "Rumors Abound"
  • "Under the Weather"
  • "Geomancer's Way - Rain"