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Training the Soul is a series of unique Trials in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Unlike most Trials this one has its own banner and is separated from the Chamber of the Fallen.


Training the Soul consists of three different Trials; Trial of the Burning Soul, Trial of the Tranquil Will and Trial of the Pure Heart. These Trials provides signature equipment for the three main story characters Rain, Lasswell and Fina respectively. Although the equipment can be used by any unit, if equipped by the corresponding character it unlocks special abilities that grant them extra bonuses.

As an added gimmick the trials can only be done with the main story units and thus most recruitable units (through Rare Summon or any other method) are ineligible. The exception are certain alternate versions of these characters (like those seen in Season Two), but seasonal versions (like Halloween event) cannot be used. This leaves the player with Rain, Lasswell, Fina, Lid, Nichol, Jake and Sakura to complete the trials. Furthermore the player needs to bring the signature character for its respective Trial.

Despite this handicap, the Trials are made with this in mind and have a drastically reduced difficulty in comparison to the challenges faced in the Chamber of the Fallen, and so the player should have little problem with them, provided their characters are leveled to the maximum possible and equipped decently (equipment or materia). Trust Master Rewards are not a must and they actually serve as additional salt to the wound.

All in all the challenge is aimed mostly at newer players, but overall their difficulty is akin to that of a story boss monster at most.


As stated above the Trials are not overly difficult. They can be tough for newer players but overall require minimum effort. Some general recommendations include:

  • Level up the units to their maximum level, specially those that can achieve 6★ as they learn powerful abilities that will tremendously help. Those that can be leveled up to 5★ should also be leveled as they are also useful.
  • Sakura is the most utilitarian unit as her Defensive Barrier decreases damage by 20% to the whole party, which is of great help, specially for those facing hardship in keeping damage on check.
  • The player should equip their units with stat boosting materias (like +10% HP or +10% ATK). Those acquired from King Mog are even more helpful as they usually boost several at once. If possible equipment like the Hero's Ring and its upgraded variants is also helpful. Regardless the player shouldn't be hindered by lack of time-limited equips.
  • Other stat-boosting methods like Stat Pots or Espers are helpful. Espers in particular have the added bonus of carrying Killer abilities which increase the damage done to the Bosses. Diabolos' Man-Eater and Demon Killer along with Ifrit's Plant Killer suffice.

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