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The Train Graveyard is a field map in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is explored once by a party of Cloud Strife, Aerith Gainsborough, and Tifa Lockhart.

The field is visited first in Chapter 11, "Haunted", as Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith make their way through to reach the Sector 7 Slums. Along the way, they are haunted by ghosts, including a Ghoul, and Eligor, and Aerith is visited by visions of her past. The Train Graveyard is never revisited.


The Train Graveyard map is largely linear in its path, though its areas lead through and over abandoned carriages, making it more complex to navigate. The map is divided into four main parts: Switchyard 2, the Maintenance Facility, Switchyard 1, and the Freight Storage at the very end.

The Train Graveyard's main area is listed as the "Old Sector 7 Station - Switchyard" on the map, while the upper level of the Maintenance Facility is listed as the "Maintenance Facility - 2F".

Switchyard 2[]

Switchyard 2 is the visited in "A Train Wreck", and is the first area visited from the Sewer System, and is divided into Section C, Section B, and Section A.

Section C[]

Vending machine and bench.

Switchyard 2 - Section C.

The start of the map contains a bench and vending machine, and a ladder up to the top of the first abandoned carriage. The path from here leads through several abandoned carriages that can be traveled through and around to the northeast path to Section B.

Past the second carriage is an open area where wererats are fought, and the path forks: at the northeast end is a ladder leading east and further along with the mission, while the southeast end leads through an abandoned carriage to an area on the other end where a treasure chest contains the Mythril Rod Mythril Rod for Aerith Mythril Rod treasure from FFVII Remake.

In the northeast end, a warehouse makes a noise when seen from a distance, leading to "Someone's There". After approaching it, cripshays are fought by a warehouse leading to Section B.

Section B[]

HP Up materia location.

Entered through a warehouse from Section C, and mostly comprises a linear but zig-zagging path to Section A. After the first abandoned carriage is traveled through is an open area where wererats are fought, and the path leads in different directions. East leads through an abandoned carriage to a chest with 1 gil, while north leads up a ladder to continue forward to an area where cripshays are fought.

Just before the exit at the northeast, a path leads west to where an HP Up Materia HP Up Materia can be obtained, and at the end is a ladder up to the top of an abandoned carriage.

Section A[]

Train Graveyard Section A from FFVII Remake.jpg

Comprises a single path across abandoned storage containers leading to the area in front of the Maintenance Facility. Aside from boxes to break in the northwest, no gameplay-relevant elements are present here, as the area exists largely for cutscenes.

Maintenance Facility[]

Maintenance Facility.

A vast building with two floors that stands between Switchyard 2 and 1, visited in "Pass Through the Maintenance Facility". On first entry, only a linear path across the ground floor leads to a bench at the end, and other paths are not created until "All Aboard for the Graveyard" when a path through the lit train in the southwest end is created. The party cannot leave the Maintenance Facility at the north end until the Ghoul is fought.

The southwest train leads to a staircase to the upper level, where walkways lead over to warehouses on the lefthand side (which must be unlocked from the inside) or to warehouses on the right. From the southeast on the upper level, a staircase leads down to an area where a lesser drake is fought, guarding a chest with a gothic bangle. The warehouses on the right from the southeast end have more ghosts fought, and at the end is a door to a walkway leading across to the warehouses left.

In the warehouses on the lefthand side, a door can be opened south after a ghost is defeated. This leads further south to open the door to the southwest staircase, as well as opening a door to a balcony to a chest where two mega-potions are fought. North from the warehouse leads to the northwest end of the facility; routes to the right through the control room is initially locked, though a staircase leads down to the lower level.

The northwest end of the facility has another treasure chest with 3 echo mist bottles, and a ladder right to a bridge to the northeast end. Here, cripshays are fought, and a staircase leads to the upper level. At the upper level, south is a door to the righthand side warehouses with a treasure chest at the end containing a moogle medal, while the far north has a staircase up to the control room, wherein the Ghoul boss is fought after interacting with a terminal. Outside the control room is a vending machine selling Music discLet the Battles Begin! as well as a bench.

Once Ghoul is defeated, cranes must be operated in "Crane Game", from the south end of the upper level, to create a path from the train in the southwest to the end to the north exit. Along this path, an area opens northwest where two lesser drakes are fought by a chest with three more echo mist bottles.

Switchyard 1[]

Visited during "Back Amongst Friends", Switchyard 1 is divided into the Turntable, Section B, and Section A.


The Turntable area has a lever from a control point that can be interacted with to move the train on the turntable to create a path to Section B. Upon doing so, several wererats, cripshays, and ghosts are fought initially, and after this, at the end of the turntable is a ladder to Section B.

Section B[]

Visited in "Blocked Road", the path around Section B is blocked, and a train must be activated in order to form a bridge across. Doing so allows a ladder to be climbed onto an abandoned carriage, forming a linear path where a ladder drops down to Section A.

Section A[]

The path to progress is initially blocked, though a linear path from the start leads to a train that can be moved, allowing the center of the section to be accessed. At the center, a cerulean drake and a lesser drake are fought, and a path leads left up to a movable train to complete a bridge from a train near the center to the Freight Storage.

Freight Storage[]

The final area of the dungeon, Freight Storage comprises an arena where Eligor is fought, and a linear path to the end of the chapter. Before this, a vending machine and a bench are located.


All quests take place during chapter 11, and the majority of quests are combat quests in which the party navigates through the train yard and fights bosses. The environment must be interacted with in the quests "Crane Game", "Back Amongst Friends", and "Blocked Road", as the party must operate machinery to move trains around. In "Shadow in the Control Room", the Ghoul boss is fought, and in "Back Amongst Friends", Eligor is fought.


Enemy Areas
Wererat Switchyard 2 - Section C

Switchyard 2 - Section B
Switchyard 1 - Turntable

Cripshay Switchyard 2 - Section C

Switchyard 2 - Section B
Maintenance Facility
Switchyard 1 - Turntable

Ghost Maintenance Facility

Switchyard 1 - Turntable

Lesser Drake Maintenance Facility

Switchyard 1 - Section A

Cerulean Drake Switchyard 1 - Section A

Enemies encountered are typically weak either to Fire Fire or Ice Ice, aside from the drakes. Of the encounters, the most challenging are ghosts, who are capable of applying Shield Shield or Reflect Reflect on themselves, meaning that after doing so, they must be countered either with magic or physical damage respectively, and Subversion Materia Subversion Materia is worthwhile.


Items Areas
Mythril Rod Mythril Rod Switchyard 2 - Section C Mythril Rod treasure from FFVII Remake
1 gil Switchyard 2 - Section B
HP Up Materia HP Up Materia Switchyard 2 - Section B HP Up Materia in Train Graveyard from FFVII Remake
Gothic Bangle Maintenance Facility
2 Mega-Potion Maintenance Facility
3 Echo Mist x2 Maintenance Facility
Moogle Medal Maintenance Facility

Items can also be purchased from vending machines, including Music discLet the Battles Begin!.