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Cloud protects Aerith.

Once a center of trade with Ordalia, this city has withered since trade relations with Ordalia were severed.


Trade City of Sal Ghidos (貿易都市ザーギドス, Boueki-toshi Zāgidosu?), also known as Zarghidas Trade City, is a location from Final Fantasy Tactics where Aerith works as a flower girl. To obtain Cloud as a playable character, Ramza Beoulve must buy a flower from Aerith for 1 gil.

After using one of Besrudio Bunansa's gadgets to bring Cloud in from the Final Fantasy VII world, Ramza must track him to Sal Ghidos, where he attempts to defend Aerith from several thugs, but runs into trouble. Ramza's forces join the battle and a victory will result in Cloud joining Ramza's party. His Materia Blade can then be retrieved from the top of Mount Bervenia using the Move-Find ability.

Battle information[]

Sal Ghidos[]

Sal Ghidos
Front view:
Zarghidas Trade City 1.png
Back view:
Zarghidas Trade City 2.png
Side view:
Zarghidas Trade City 3.png
Back side view:
Zarghidas Trade City 4.png
Overhead grid:
Zarghidas Trade City OH.png
Additional info -Cloud begins at level one, so the higher level the player is at this point, the harder it will be to defend him.
-One time battle.
Conditions Protect Cloud
Weather Clear day
Enemy level Party's average Recommended level N/A
Team capacity 3 + Ramza Number of teams 1
Battle Trophies None Hidden items
Terrain Wasteland, Flagstone, Earthen Wall, Coffer, Stairs, Roof, Chimney Geomancy Sinkhole, Contortion, Will-o'-the-Wisp, Wind Blast


Name Availability Days Cost Bonus Suggestion
Himca Cliffs Ch.4 8-12 1500 Artefact Squire
Ore of the Gods Ch.4 9-11 2500 Artefact
Death's Gorge Ch.4*(After the battles at Limberry Castle) 9-14 13000 Ore
The Typhoon Ch.4*(After the battles at Limberry Castle) 10-13 11000 Gil Bag
Beastly Trail Ch.4*(After the battles at Limberry Castle) 11-13 10000 Reward Money
Memories Ch.4*(After the battles at Limberry Castle) 10-12 100 Reward Money

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Sal Ghidos is a location in Dalmasca, mentioned as the birthplace of Gilbrisbert quo Buteo.