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A country on the northern continent. Due to the harsh climate, Moombas and the Shumi tribe are the only occupants. Trabia Garden students and faculty also reside here.

FFVIII Info Corner

Trabia is the continent northeast of the Final Fantasy VIII world map. As such, it is an icy-cold region with snowy white landscape. Mountains dot the mainland surrounded by small islands and the region is plagued with monsters. A curious crater separates the Trabia continent from Esthar's Mordred Plains.

This crater is the result of a Lunar Cry Esthar triggered over the mountains while testing the Lunatic Pandora 17 years before the events of the game; Laguna witnesses the event from afar during his ill-fated movie appearance in the area. From a gameplay perspective, the crater serves as a physical barrier which prevents the player from gaining access to the Esthar continent too early in the game. If the player attempts to fly Balamb Garden over the crater they will be stopped and Nida will exclaim about how the Garden's gauge is going berserk. This could be due to excessive magic in the area as a result of the Lunar Cry.

Interestingly, the game's tutorial section that mentions (see quote above) that "Shumi and Moombas are the only occupants", is contradicted in the Final Fantasy VIII Ultimania, which speaks a little of the nation: According to the Ultimania, Trabia Garden's students and personnel comprise most of the citizenry; Trabia also apparently does a lot of research in advanced agricultural methods, and the inhabitants have a distinct Trabia dialect. Trabia is also revealed to have an army, and in the event of war, all citizens are to be conscripted. However, the need for this has never arisen.[1]


Some of the locations found in Trabia include:


Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy XIV[]

One of the original servers was named Trabia. It was merged into the Hyperion server along with the Kashuan server.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Behind the scenes[]

There exists a dummied out shop called Trabia Shop. It is possible to get this entry to the Call Shop menu by hacking the game, but there is no shop in Trabia in the actual game. If the player hacks the Trabia Shop to their Call Shop menu, it will have the same items as every other generic shop, as most item shops in Final Fantasy VIII just have the same inventory.