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Welcome to Tozus, friends!
We're teeny and you're weeny!
You're the itsy to our bitsy!

Gnome in Tozas

Tozus is the hometown of the Gnomes in Final Fantasy III. Because it is a town made only for gnomes, the party can only enter when in the Mini status.


After escaping from Bahamut, the Warriors of the Light make their way into Tozus by using Desch's Mini spell. There, they communicate with the gnomes and meet Doctor Shelco, who has fallen ill. By healing him with an Antidote, they are able to make their way out of the village via the Tozus Tunnel.


Item Shop[]

Item Famicom cost 3D cost
Potion 150 gil 50 gil
Eye Drops 40 gil
Antidote 80 gil

Item Shop (Gnomish Bread)[]

Item Famicom cost 3D cost
Gnomish Bread 200 gil

Magic Shop[]

Item Famicom cost 3D cost
Fire 100 gil
Blizzard 100 gil
Sleep 100 gil
Thunder 700 gil
Poison 700 gil
Blind 700 gil
Aero 700 gil


Item Location
Mythril Bracers Doctor Shelco's House
Fira Doctor Shelco's House
Fire Staff Doctor Shelco's House
Cura Doctor Shelco's House
Phoenix Down Doctor Shelco's House
Phoenix Down Doctor Shelco's House

Musical themes[]

Tozus is given its own theme, "Tozus". A vocal arrangement of this theme named "Have You Ever Seen Me?" was performed by Risa Ohki and included in the Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow album.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Tozus Village.

A race of gnomes known as the Lilliputians inhabits this village. These gnomes were ruled by a merciless dictator until a mighty giant known as Atlas freed them at long last from their oppression.

Tozus Village is mentioned as one of the wonders.