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In most earlier games in the series, all towns used a default town theme, often simply called "town theme". This trend has faded in later games as many towns now have their own unique themes.

Game appearances[]

Final Fantasy[]

"Town" appears as the first town theme. It plays in every town, and is listed as the eighth track in the NES soundtrack, and the tenth track of the first disc in the PS soundtrack. It also appears as a purchasable theme in Dissidia Final Fantasy and remixed on the Chocobo Racing Original Soundtrack under the name "White Mage's Theme". A live performance is included on the A New World: intimate music from Final Fantasy album.

Final Fantasy II[]

"Town" returns with a similar feel to the original Final Fantasy version. It appears as the twenty seventh track in the original NES soundtrack, and the ninth track of disc two in the PS soundtrack. It is also included on the Final Fantasy Vinyls collector's set album on the fourth disc and in the Final Fantasy XV music player.

Final Fantasy III[]

"My Home Town" (故郷の街ウル, Furusato no Machi Uru?, lit. Home Town of Ur), called "The Village of Ur" in the DS remake, is the town theme used most often, appearing in all towns but three. "Time Remains" (古代人の村, Kodaijin no Mura?, lit. Village of the Ancients), called "The Ancients" in the DS remake, plays only in the Village of the Ancients. "Return of the Warrior" (勇者の帰還, Yūsha no Kikan?, lit. Return of the Hero), called "Return of the Warriors" in the DS remake, plays in Kazus and Castle Sasune after the warriors defeat Djinn, and Saronia after defeating Gigametz.

Final Fantasy IV[]

The theme "Welcome to Our Town!" (街のテーマ, Machi no Tēma?, lit. Town Theme) plays in most towns. It is the sixth track in the official soundtrack. Arrangements of the theme are included on the Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon and Piano Collections: Final Fantasy IV albums. The Piano Collections version is also found on the Potion: Relaxin' with Final Fantasy album.

Another arrangement of the theme by Daiki Ishikawa also plays in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, while the player is in Bestways Burrow at Mare Lamentorum.

Mysidia does not have the normal town theme, instead playing "Mystic Mysidia". The Feymarch town area also has a different theme, "The Land of Summons". All the inhabited castles have themes of their own.

Final Fantasy V[]

The "Town Theme" makes an appearance and plays in many towns. It also known as "Tenderness in the Air." Another town theme, "Harvest" (ハーヴェスト, Hāvesuto?) plays in Carwen, Istory, and Quelb, in the style of lively Welsh instrumental folk music. It is included Final Fantasy XV music player.

"My Home, Sweet Home" plays exclusively in the town of Lix.

Town Theme Town Theme
Carwen "Harvest" Castle of Bal "The Castle of Dawn"
Crescent "Town Theme" Istory "Harvest"
Jachol "Town Theme" Karnak "Cursed Lands"
Karnak Castle "Royal Palace" Lix "My Home, Sweet Home"
Moogle Village "Critter Tripper Fritter" Moore "Town Theme"
Phantom Village "Sealed Book" Quelb "Harvest"
Regole "Town Theme" Surgate Castle "The Castle of Dawn"
Tule "Town Theme" Tycoon "Royal Palace"
Walse Castle "Royal Palace" Walse Town "Town Theme"

Final Fantasy VI[]

"Kids Run Through the City" is the primary town theme.

Town themes that ultimately didn't make it to the finished game have been released on the Final Fantasy VI Special Tracks album.

Town World of Balance Theme World of Ruin Theme
Albrook "Under Martial Law" "From That Day On..."
Doma "Cyan's Theme" "Cyan's Theme"
Esperville "Esper World"
Figaro Castle "Edgar & Sabin's Theme" "Edgar & Sabin's Theme"
Jidoor "Kids Run Through the City" "The Magic House"
Kohlingen "Kids Run Through the City" "From That Day On..."
"Kids Run Through the City" (after recruiting Locke)
Maranda "Under Martial Law" "From That Day On..."
Mobliz "Kids Run Through the City" "From That Day On..."
"Awakening" (after recruiting Terra)
Narshe "The Mines of Narshe" "Dark World"
Nikeah "Kids Run Through the City" "Under Martial Law"
South Figaro "Kids Run Through the City" (free)
"Under Martial Law" (occupied)
"Kids Run Through the City"
Thamasa "Strago's Theme" "Strago's Theme"
Tzen "Under Martial Law" "From That Day On..."
Vector "The Gestahlian Empire"
Zozo "Slam Shuffle" "Slam Shuffle"

Final Fantasy VII[]

"On Our Way" is the most prominent town theme, played in Kalm and Under Junon.

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

"Time of Tranquility" is the theme that plays in all towns that are accessed on the world map. It is the fourteenth track on the first disc of the original soundtrack.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

"Wind Blowing in the Home" is the town theme.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[]

"Town" from the original NES version of Final Fantasy may be purchased in this game from the PP Catalog, to receive the option to choose it as the background theme during battles. It costs 500 PP.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

"Town" from Final Fantasy reappears in an identical fashion, and is one of the items that may be imported from the original Dissidia. In this game, it only costs 150 PP to obtain from its PP Catalog

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

The Final Fantasy II "Town" makes an appearance as a playable Field Music Sequence.

World of Final Fantasy[]

Every town has its own unique theme. However, a few of these themes are arrangements of themes from other Final Fantasy games. "Prismelody: Town", an arrangement of "Town" from Final Fantasy, plays in Cornelia. "Prismelody: Eternal Wind", an arrangement of the song of the same name from Final Fantasy III, plays in Saronia Harbor. "Prismelody: Tifa", an arrangement of "Tifa's Theme" from Final Fantasy VII, plays in Nibelheim. "Prismelody: Library of the Ancients", an arrangement of the song of the same name from Final Fantasy V, plays in the Tometown of the Ancients.

Arrangement album appearances[]

Final Fantasy III: Eternal Legend of the Wind[]

An arrangement of "The Village of Ur" from Final Fantasy III is included in "Following the Wind", arranged by Yukio Kakehi.

Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends[]

The arrangement of "Town Theme" from Final Fantasy V is called "Tenderness in the Air", arranged by Nobuo Uematsu.

Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale[]

An orchestral arrangement of "Kids Run Through the City" from Final Fantasy VI is called "Kids Run Through the City Corner", arranged by Shirō Sagisu and Tsuneyoshi Saito.

Final Fantasy: Pray[]

A vocal arrangement of "Kids Run Through the City" from Final Fantasy VI is called "Não Chora Menina", arranged by Yoshiro Nakamura with lyrics by Claudio Ramos. It is performed by Risa Ohki.

Final Fantasy Song Book "Mahoroba"[]

The arrangement of "My Home Town" from Final Fantasy III is called "Machi". The lyrics are by Manami Kiyota, the original music by Nobuo Uematsu arranged by Yuji Hasegawa. Manami Kiyota sings the vocals.


Japanese Rōmaji[]
Tobu tori no sora o miage
Nekoronda nohara
Yawarakai hizashi ga
Hoo o terashiteru
Midori no umi no sazanami
Mimi o sumashite
Yuruyaka ni nagareru
Toki ni mi o makase
Me o tojite, fukaku iki o hakidashite
Odayaka ni naru kokoro
Kokyou wa itsudemo watashi ni
Yawarakai jikan o kureru
Onaji sora no shita de
Keredo tooku hanareteru
Ima hitorikiri no machi
Sugosu hibi wa
Kibou to yume to fuan to
Soshite samishisa ga
Karamatte tama ni namida
Nagasu keredo
Osanai hi--yume ni, egaita mirai ni
Kanarazu deau tame ni
Sore made wa ima kono machi de
Jibun o shinjite susumou
Mihatenu yume o motometeru
English translation[]
Looking up at a sky of flying birds
Lying down in a field
Gentle sunbeams
Shining on my cheeks
Ripples of an emerald sea
I strain to hear
Going with the gentle flow
Of time
I close my eyes, take a deep breath
My heart grows tranquil
My hometown always gives me
Gentle times
Beneath the same sky
Yet far apart
Now the town is mine alone
The days I spend here
Hopes and dreams and uneasiness
And loneliness, too
All tangle together; sometimes
I let the tears flow, although
Younger days--dreams, and the future I imagined
So I can be sure I'll come across them
I'll be in this town until then
Keeping on, believing in myself
In search of boundless dreams

Potion: Relaxin' with Final Fantasy[]

The piano arrangement of "Harvest" from Piano Collections: Final Fantasy V is included in this compilation album.

Piano Collections: Final Fantasy V[]

A piano arrangement of "Harvest" from Final Fantasy V appears on this album, arranged by Shirou Satou and performed by Toshiyuki Mori.

Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VI[]

A piano arrangement of "Kids Run Through the City" from Final Fantasy VI is called "Kids Run Through the City Corner", arranged by Shirou Sagisu and performed by Reiko Nomura.

Piano Opera Final Fantasy I/II/III[]

A piano arranged medley of the town themes of the first three Final Fantasy games appears on this album.