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A peaceful town located between the Earth Temple and Royal Capital Grandshelt, protected by troops dispatched from the capital. The seas to the east are rocky and perilous, and notoriously unkind to all but the most seasoned anglers.

In-game description.

Town of Mitra is a town in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. It is located in the southernmost area of the Grandshelt Isles's main landmass, near the coast. To enter the Royal Capital Grandshelt, the shortest route is through the Dalnakya cavern and plains.

It is unlocked after clearing Latius Woods.


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Following the destruction of the Earth Crystal, the Grandshelt knights Rain and Lasswell must pass through Mitra on their way to the capital. As they approach Mitra, they defeat an ochu that had been causing trouble to the town for some time.

Gylbart, the town's blacksmith, sees their deed and welcomes the duo into Mitra, telling them to accompany him to his forge. Rain and Lasswell do as they are told, and once at the building, he explains the workings of the Forge: as long as they have recipes and the components, they can craft weapons and abilities. As a thank-you for getting rid of the ochu, Gylbart allows them to use the Forge as they like and gives some materials to practice.

Afterwards, Rain and Lasswell leave the forge and begin to plan their next route, when a strange monolith appears in town. They get closer, but it teleports them to the Farplane. However, instead of exploring the place, they soon return to Mitra and continue their journey to the capital through Dalnakya Cavern.

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A Hello to Arms[]

"A lowly armorer wishes to create a new item. Encourage his spirit of enterprise by gathering the necessary materials from Latius Woods."
Client: Armorsmith
Objective: Deliver 5 pieces of lumber
Reward: Silk Robe

The quest can be access by talking to the shopkeeper from the Armor Shop, from behind the counter. Although the quest's description suggest that lumber be collected in Latius Woods, the required material can be obtained from collection points in any of the explorations of Grandshelt Isles. The most convenient, however, will be the Earth Shrine due to small amount of energy it requires.

Bleeder of the Pack[]

"Some inpertinent wolves in Dalnakya Cavern are disrupting the flow of goods between cities. Take up arms and exterminate this threat to free trade."
Client: Gylbart
Objective: Defeat 10 wolves
Reward: Recipe for Bronze Mace

Wolves can be found in Dalnakya Cavern dungeon or exploration.

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Feathers in Your Cap[]

"You have been tasked with procuring raptor feathers, which are hard to come by in these parts. Venture forth and track down this rare material."
Prerequisite: Talk to the hostess at Grandport Inn.
Client: Woman
Objective: Deliver 18 raptor feathers
Reward: Buckler
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For My Eyes Only[]

"A girl has lost her precious notebook. Gather information from the townspeople to ascertain its whereabouts."
Client: Woman
Objective: Locate the notebook
Reward: Recipe for Cure

To find the notebook, Rain must talk to several people in town following an specific order. First, he must go to the small dock to the southeast and talk to the man there. He will point him to the boy that is south of the Garrison. After talking to the boy, Rain must talk to a knight inside the Garrison, and finally to the girl in the southernmost area, close to the lake.

Secrets Unearthed[]

"A young boy in Mitra seeks a mysterious tome somewhere in the Shrine of Earth. What monkeyshines does the lad have for this hidden codex?"
Client: Suspicious Boy
Objective: Obtain the secret book.
Reward: Recipe for Blizzard

The book can be found in a treasure chest from Earth Shrine's exploration, midway the map's route.

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Succor for Sore Eyes[]

"Alas! An inkeep has been cursed with a dreadful bout of dry eyes. Procure some eye drops, that he might gaze upon the smiles of his guests again."
Client: Innkeeper
Objective: Hand over eye drops
Reward: Hi-Potion

Eye Drops can be found in a treasure chest in the town. Otherwise, they can be bought in an Item Shop for 100 gil.


Normal Chests
Silver Chests

Silver chests requires Magic Keys to open.


Item shop[]

Item Price
Potion 100 gil
Antidote 100 gil
Eye Drops 100 gil
Smelling Salts 200 gil
Echo Herbs 200 gil
Recipe for Potion 30 gil
Recipe for Antidote 30 gil

Ability shop[]

Material Price
Alcryst 200 gil
Recipe for Fire 300 gil
Recipe for Sleep 300 gil

Weapon shop[]

Weapon Price
Bronze Knife 100 gil
Broadsword 200 gil
Rod 140 gil
Staff 160 gil
Short Bow 260 gil
Recipe for Broadsword 60 gil
Recipe for Rod 42 gil
Recipe for Staff 48 gil
Recipe for Short Bow 78 gil

Armor shop[]

Armor Price
Leather Shield 240 gil
Leather Hat 100 gil
Leather Shirt 200 gil
Leather Plate 240 gil
Recipe for Leather Shield 72 gil
Recipe for Leather Hat 30 gil
Recipe for Leather Shirt 60 gil


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