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Town of Hero on the world map.

Town of Hero (英雄の町, Eiyuu no Machi?) is a location in The Final Fantasy Legend, located southeast of Base Town. The Castle of Shield is near the town while the Castle of Armor is to the northeast, and the Castle of Sword is in the southeast mountains.


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The main characters arrives in Town of Hero where they learn the Status of Hero is located in the center of town, but is missing some pieces which are the shield, armor, and sword. They also learn that three kings are fighting for control of the world. The citizens gives them the location of the three castles.

After acquiring all the piece of equipment from the three kings, the party returns them to the status and acquirers the black sphere. When the party tries to leaves the area, Gen-Bu appears behind them. He tells them that another group has gathers the three items together, and engages them into battle. After his defeat, he warns them that this isn't over and he disappears. The party returns to Base Town to unlock the door into the Tower.

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Name Cost
Hammer 25 GP
Rapier 24 GP
Bow 50 GP
Whip 50 GP
Punch 500 GP
FFL Helmet Icon.pngBronze 40 GP
FFL Armor Icon.pngBronze 80 GP
FFL Glove Icon.pngBronze 12 GP
FFL Book Icon.pngSleep 500 GP
FFL Book Icon.pngFire 500 GP


Name Cost
Strong 300 GP
Agility 300 GP
HP200 100 GP
Potion 50 GP
XPotion 200 GP
Bell 100 GP
Shocker 100 GP